Baby Bump FAQ

Have questions about your Baby Bump? You found the right place! The Baby Bump has been updated to Version 2.0 as of January 1st, 2016! If you purchased your Baby Bump since February of 2015 then you will be able to pick up your free update in world on the "Information" board by clicking "redelivery".

*All older purchases will require verifying your purchase with Italia Villota in world.

Mesh body attachments can feel over whelming even for the more experienced users. Below are some frequently asked questions & tips for the general user of the Baby Bump. If you're a designer there is a separate FAQ for you, click here to see it.

Is the Baby Bump Omega compatible?

With the new update the Baby Bump is now omega compatible! That means any outfit that includes an omega applier can now be used to apply the clothing to your belly!

My Omega applier isn't working what do I do?

If for some reason your omega applier isn't working just follow these simple steps.
  1) Make sure you are in a script enabled area
  2) Attach your Baby Bump HUD and click on the clothes tab
  3) Click on the "clear all" button then use your omega applier   

Still not working? Please contact Apple May or Italia Villota in world

Can the Baby Bump be modified/resized?

As with any rigged mesh, it's "glued" to the size/position it is with very little flexibility, so no it will not be able to be resized. It's VERY important to try a demo before purchasing.

Will my old appliers work on the updated belly?

Yes! Your old clothing/skin appliers will work on the Baby Bump 2.0

How will I know what designers provide for the Baby Bump?

Since the Baby Bump is Omega compatible you really only need to look for products that support Omega appliers. However I know it's nice to see a list of participating designers so I am compiling a list for you here

Will the Baby Bump fit with my mesh body?

Currently, the only sizes available are 3 Standard Sizes (XS, S, M). Mesh body compatibility options will be added on at a later date. These belly versions will be a separate product purchase for mesh body users and will NOT be released as an update to the current product package. New belly, new product.

Will my system clothes fit 'over' my belly?

As with any object attachment your system clothes will not fit over it. You will need appliers to 'wear' clothing with it. 

Will my mesh clothing fit 'over' my belly?

Unless the designer designed the mesh garment to fit over the attachment of the belly it's safe to bet that it will not. Just as with system clothing, mesh clothing does not read the belly as an extension of your avatar but rather an object attachment. When in doubt, always ask.

Of course before purchasing it's important to try the demo belly! This will answer all your "will it fit?" concerns and gives you a real deal try at the belly options and hud.

Did these tips not answer your question? Please feel free to contact Italia Villota with any additional questions. 

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