Creature Anklets, Tuli, AND Nisa!

So much news!

I kept pushing back the notice of these releases to the point where I figured I'd do one big notice.... so let's get onto the fun part...

After the Coastal Release I received so many good idea's for anklets (thank you!) I decided to group some of them in this release of the Creatures anklets @ Collabor88!

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Nisa, Available at a super awesome Mermaid Cove event that I hope you all visit! (On a side note these also pair really well with the Coastal anklets)

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Outfit set, Tuli, is inspired by a range of color/pattern combo's with the fatpack unlocking the ability to mix n' match the top, ribbon, and skirt all independently for a completely unique look! Plus, match it up with the heels sold separately

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