Tannenbaum, Group Gifts, and more!

There is a lot new at AMD that you should know about...

First up is the festive Tannenbaum event where you can find all things holiday this season. While there, pick up the new Holiday Rain Boots in 8 vibrant colors. Pick up the color add on pack that includes ALL available colors, plus the unique option to mix n' match them.

Next up is Shiny Shabby! Sometimes the perfect accessory is hard to find... but there you can find the new Cute Big Glasses which includes a variety of frame, metal, and lens colors.

Last but not least is the new group gift waiting for you in the Lucky Board in store. Once your lucky letter is called collect both exclusive recolors of the Brit Bit Heels in one gift pack


Animal Socks & Cute Glasses

Two new events this week with two adorable releases to be picked up from AMD!

First up are the adorable Animal Socks available in 3 creature varieties: Panda, Kitty, and Teddy. Each animal pack includes 6 color options with your purchase.

Next up, keeping with the cuteness theme... are the My Big Cute Glasses. These big framed glasses include 11 frame, 4 metal/jewel, and 2 lens colors with your purchase.


Midnight Madness & Mesh Body Addicts

Guess what! It's Friday and to make your friday even better, tonight is Midnight Madness. With 15 designers coming together to provide two free gifts split between two rounds. The only catch is there is a limited 1500 gifts to be given each round.

Join the Monthly Midnight Madness group in world to join in on the fun! For a full gift list, click here

At AMD you'll find the brand new Vidica heels designed to work with Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya high feet.

Plus, the Bi-Monthly Mesh Body addicts event has started and you can find the new, Taylor, pants that give you the curves you'll love in 7 color varieties with the optional color HUD add on with access to all 7 colors plus the ability to mix n' match the color of your lace.



Two quality filled events have started and you can pick up the most recent heels there!

First up is the Crossroads event where you can find the fun flirty Brit Bit Heels in 8 colors.

Second up are the new gladiator styled Era heels available 9 solid colors OR pick up the color hud to have the ability to mix and match the colors or your sole/heel and leather straps & belt.

 Starts at 1 pm SLT today