Jessa Bow Dress

**Pick up the new release in Magenta for just 25L for a limited time. Discount ends 12/31**

New simple but cute Jessa Bow Dress now in store featuring a slim fitting design with a revealing back decorated with a double bow.

Available in 10 colors, each including both a solid fabric & subtle lace option. Or pick up the Color Add On hud for all 10!


AMD & RunAway at TLC

Hey all!

Candela and I are so proud to introduce a new collaborative set now available at The Liasion Collaborative... the "May" hooded dress with fitted hair to go with it!

Available in 10 soft colors with the optional add on purchase of the color HUD which includes all 10 colors along with 5 unique graphic options exclusive to the addo n HUD.

 The unique May hair from RunAway includes a fitted rigged version that works with the dress. Both can be round in the same booth @ TLC


Tannenbaum, Group Gifts, and more!

There is a lot new at AMD that you should know about...

First up is the festive Tannenbaum event where you can find all things holiday this season. While there, pick up the new Holiday Rain Boots in 8 vibrant colors. Pick up the color add on pack that includes ALL available colors, plus the unique option to mix n' match them.

Next up is Shiny Shabby! Sometimes the perfect accessory is hard to find... but there you can find the new Cute Big Glasses which includes a variety of frame, metal, and lens colors.

Last but not least is the new group gift waiting for you in the Lucky Board in store. Once your lucky letter is called collect both exclusive recolors of the Brit Bit Heels in one gift pack


Animal Socks & Cute Glasses

Two new events this week with two adorable releases to be picked up from AMD!

First up are the adorable Animal Socks available in 3 creature varieties: Panda, Kitty, and Teddy. Each animal pack includes 6 color options with your purchase.

Next up, keeping with the cuteness theme... are the My Big Cute Glasses. These big framed glasses include 11 frame, 4 metal/jewel, and 2 lens colors with your purchase.


Midnight Madness & Mesh Body Addicts

Guess what! It's Friday and to make your friday even better, tonight is Midnight Madness. With 15 designers coming together to provide two free gifts split between two rounds. The only catch is there is a limited 1500 gifts to be given each round.

Join the Monthly Midnight Madness group in world to join in on the fun! For a full gift list, click here

At AMD you'll find the brand new Vidica heels designed to work with Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya high feet.

Plus, the Bi-Monthly Mesh Body addicts event has started and you can find the new, Taylor, pants that give you the curves you'll love in 7 color varieties with the optional color HUD add on with access to all 7 colors plus the ability to mix n' match the color of your lace.



Two quality filled events have started and you can pick up the most recent heels there!

First up is the Crossroads event where you can find the fun flirty Brit Bit Heels in 8 colors.

Second up are the new gladiator styled Era heels available 9 solid colors OR pick up the color hud to have the ability to mix and match the colors or your sole/heel and leather straps & belt.

 Starts at 1 pm SLT today


Spencer Tops & Trick or Treat

The 2nd annual Trick or Treat event hosted by AMD, Essenz, and The Skinnery has started! This short & sweet event runs from October 29th @ 10 am SLT until 7am on Nov. 1st, with over 20 designers setting out treats 75L or below

Join us and 20 other designers for a collection of goodies at just 75L or less, including the brand new Spencer Tops. This fitted for mesh bodies tops includes all 7 color options for one low price of 75L!


Belle Dress & Boots

New Belle Dress features a button up long shirt/dress with a plunging neck line with matching (optional) panties. Grab it in 10 color varieties or grab all 10 colors to mix n' match with the Color Add On hud sold separately

New Belle boots also available in store in the same 10 color varieties as the top to mix n' match as you choose. Also available for the boots is the color add on HUD that includes all 10 colors along with silver or gold buckle options.

Get the Look:
skin/head: catwa - Amelie, Lara Hurley - Gia
body: Belleza - Isis
eye's - Lotus - Electric Eyes - Sexy
hair: Entwined - Hannah
accessories: Swallow - Luxury Bracelet, Kunglers - Fatima Earrings
boots (AMD) Belle Boots


Risque Business

It's finally here! The new Risque Business outfit is now available in 5 base colors with the option of the color add on hud (sold separately) giving you access to 10 blouse & buckle colors to mix n' match

Get the Look:
Head: Lelutka - Stella
lipstick: YSYS - Carol (hud with the skin)
Eyeshadow: veechi - luster glam eyeshadow
Necklace/Earrings: Meva - Fly Necklace/Earrings
Bracelet: Minimal - Knot Bracelet
Glasses: ZOOM - Milus Glasses
hair: (left) Truth Azalea (right)  Exile - Morning Glory


Halloween goodies starting October 1st

Two incredible events start October first!

First up is the Gacha Guardians. This fun event is held at the main stores where you can find the new Nieka set complete with corsets, panties, heels, and thigh piercings. Commons feature a satin corset with an inner lace while the rare sets feature a leather corset with a satin middle. Rare sets include the panties and matching heels.

Play the machine 10 times to earn a key to the Treasure Room with TWO exclusive colors of the Nieka Shoes.

Also starting October 1st is the Salem event. Your one stop shop for all sorts of halloween goodies and outfits. Pick up the new Paramour slitted dress & corset collar from AMD there.

Plus the Neck Corset which includes the ribbon in all 5 colors to match the dress!



**Grab it in Taupe for just 50L for 48 hours only! ** Plus, have your group title active in store to earn back 100% in store credit on this 50L special! Ends 9/18

New Gemini dresses in store or on the marketplace now available in 4 color choices.

Get the Look
head: Lelutka - Stella
skin: Glam Affair - Shana
hair: (left) - Runaway - Hill, (right) Truth - Henya
hair accessory: Astralia - Soraya 
accessories: CAE - fibonacci necklace, Plastik - Geoh Rings


Leather Jacket Special for the guys!

Brand new Leather Jackets now available in store or on the marketplace for the guys! Available in 3 color varieties, each with knitted sweater trimmings and material ready.

Pick it up in Classic Brown (shown on the right) for just 50L until **9/17**

Pants worn:
AMD - Laundry Day Sweats


We love RP and The Liaison Collaborative

The new round of We <3 RP is now where you can find the ultra mini Color Me Leather dress with optional leather panties available in 5 color varieties. While the dress is at We <3 RP it's also 25% off!

Plus, the next round of The Liaison Collaborative is starting today @ 3 pm SLT! You can find the new Alandra boots in 7 fall inspired colors, each including optional lace trim socks with a color change HUD.


New Cici Heels for Buy Now - September are now available in 8 earth tone color varieties, each including an easy-to-use HUD to change the color of your charms/metals to: black, silver or gold.

Pick them up in either Brown or Navy Blue for just 50L through September only, on the marketplace only.



Brand new outfit set, Chantell, now available @ Shiny Shabby! Each top includes 2 graphic options & a plain version. Mix n' match the shapely shorts with the tops (check out your bum!)

Get the Look:
skin/head: catwa - Amelie, Lara Hurley - Gia
body: Maitreya
hair: Runaway - Jill Hair
accessories: LaGyo - Halsey Beads Earrings, LUXE - Imani Bangle
glasses: the sugar garden: Kokoro Glasses

skin/head: catwa - Amelie, Lara Hurley - Gia
body: Maitreya
hair: Runaway - Jenna Hair
accessories: Yasum - Native Choker, Kibitz - Zaris bracelet, Kunglers - Patricia Ring
glasses: the sugar garden: Mirai Glasses


Birthday Heels @ Collabor88

Brand new Birthday Heels now available at this special birthday round of Collabor88!


Rayna Rompers @ MBA

The Mesh Body Addicts fair has officially started and you can find the new casually cute Rayna Rompers available there in 9 different colors, each including color changing string & button.

Get the Look:
skin/head: Lelutka - Stella (unsure of skin applier, sorry!)
body: Maitreyad
hair: Little bones - reina
accessories (left): chais - necklace, geoh rings
accessories (right): .random.Matter - Rumar Earrings, Miel - Friendo bracelet
glasses: SORGO -Lesho shades


50% off Pop Up Sale!

Surprise Pop Up sale is going on now store wide at the main location of AMD. 50% off ALL products, even in AMD for Men & The Discount store.

Hurry over, this sale only lasts through this weekend **Ends 7/31**


Peep Toe Heels

**All 11 colors (plus fat pack) 50 % off for 48 hours only** Ends 7/23

Brand new Peep Toe high heels now available in store in 11 color varieties. Available in mesh feet high sizes only. Have your Apple May Designs group title active when purchasing to earn 5% in store credit with every transaction!

Plus the guys can find the new Elijah outfit set (for Slink Physique only) at the July round of ULTRA. Tops are available in 7 colors to mix and match with the 3 color options of shorts.

Get the Look:
skin/head: Samurai - Cyrus
body: Slink
hair: Bade - Hudson
shoes: GizzA - Dagger Boots
glasses - Steinwerk - Aviator Custom


Aiko Group Gift + Essenz SALE!

The home of AMD is now neighbors with the incredible shoe store, Essenz! In celebration both in the move and the 3rd Anniversary of Essenz, she's holding a store wide sale!

July 13 - July 26
Singles 50% off
Fatpacks 30% off

Plus, if you're apart of the Apple May Designs scribo update group... it's time to switch over to the new update group in world! The scribo group will be closing at the end of this month!

Members of the Apple May Designs update group (free to join) can pick up the two new additional colors to Aiko exclusively as a FREE group gift!


Silky formal gowns @ The Cross Roads event

Brand new 100% original mesh formal gowns, Silky, now available at the new Cross Roads event in 7 vibrant colors.

Get the Look:
skin/head: Genesis Lab - Kristen
body: Slink - Hourglass
hair:(left/right) Entwined - Electra, (middle) Exile - Memory Bliss
accessories: Mandala - Pearl Rain


Aiko & Wrapped Jewelry

Two fabulous events have started this weekend and there's some lovely new items for you all that go well together I might add!

First up is the 2016 round of Summerfest! You can pick up the new Aiko ultra mini dress in 6 fun colors, each including the optional lace panties. Designed for mesh bodies only.

Second, is the June round of Tres Chic where you can pick up the new Wrapped Jewelry set which includes the *rigged* necklace and non-rigged bracelets. Available in 5 vibrant colors with the bonus color of pink in the SL13 birthday cake!

Get the Look:

skin/head: Genesis Lab - Kristen
body: Slink - Hourglass
hair: DeLa - Gardenia
accessories: The Plastik - Kettle Jewelry


25L special

Someone had a wonderful suggestion to make the Sweetheart Panties & Pasties in pink... so they're now available in store and just for 25L for this weekend only!
**Ends 6/12**


Aria Jewels @ Shiny Shabby

The next round of Shiny Shabby starts today! There you can find the brand new Aria Jewels to dress up your feet! Comes in "Lights" and "Dark" shades, each including 3 color options for both the stones & diamonds along with gold or silver metal.

Teleport there


AMD @ Collabor88

The New Americana round of Collabor88 is underway and you can pick up the new Hannah swim suit/lingerie there complete with the optional lace 'skirt'.

Available in 4 colors

Teleport there

Get the Look:
skin/head: Genesis Lab - Nelly
body: Maitreya Lara
hair: Truth - Henya
accessories: Meva - Gipsy Necklace, Kibitz - Zaris Bracelet


Two events start today!

Two incredible events start today and there's a little something from AMD at both of them!

Up first is the next round of TMD where the guys can get the new Can't Bother T's that feature a simplistic design with a semi tucked in look. Perfect to match with just about anything when you don't want to 'bother' with digging in your inventory. Available in 7 color options and fits with the Laundry Day sweat pants

Teleport there

Next up is the first round for AMD participating in We <3 RP.... and it's the anniversary round! That means 25-50% off goodies! For AMD you will find the new Body Jewelry there in 3 classic metal colors: Gold, Silver, & Black. Each includes an easy to use HUD to change the color of your dew drop pearl.

Teleport there

Get the Look:

skin/head: Samurai - Cyrus
hair: Speakeasy - Milo
ears: SCRUB - And Now?
beard: No.MINAL - Beard Black
sweat pants: AMD - Laundry Day
accessories: AMD Broken Geek Glasses (Gacha machine), AMD Moody Chains

skin/head: Genesis Lab - Nelly
hair: Entwined - Nymeria
ears Kio Kio (formerly Panda Express) - Sad Elf ears - Ham Ham
pasties: (AMD) Sweetheart Pasties