Sailor Shorts

New Sailor Shorts now available in store! Available in 5 colors for just 75L each: white, black, blue, pink, and red each including 4 Standard Sizes and 2 alpha options.

Why no fitted mesh this time? Simple... I can't stand the way the butt area stretches with short shorts like these. Most likely it wouldn't fit your booty needs and I can't stand by a product that may disappoint you. While fitted mesh is a great expansion to mesh wear it also has it's limitations and the butt area is one of the biggest area's that is limited!

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Suki
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape A
lipgloss: Pink Acid - Justina Lips
eyeshadow: MONS - Eyeshadow Color Dance
hair: (Chemistry) - Hera
top: (AMD) Cutie Tops
necklace - Manda - Onliest Necklace
bracelet: **RE** NOX Era Gold Braclets