Mesh Template 34

Mesh Template 34 fresh on the marketplace! This sultry dress with a highly detailed back complete with buttons along the seam includes the easy to download PSD filed along with 1 Fitted Mesh size and 4 Standard Sizes: XS,S,M, & L.

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Gym Shirts

Looking for a tank top that still shows off a bit of definition? These Gym Shirts do just that! Available for men only in the AMD for Men in 5 color variations for just 50L each!

Get the Look:
skin: Redgrave - David
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape B
hair: Entente - Thibaut Hair
piercing: Pekka - Splint Piercings
shorts: (AMD) Bummin' It Shorts
acccessories: (AMD) Belted Bracers, Simple Things - Dog Tags (on the marketplace)


Playful Tanks

The warm weather is almost here and every girl needs a Playful Tank to mix n' match with their favorite bottoms. These versatile tanks show a bit of under cleavage and also come with a "perky" option for just 75L. As discussed on Facebook I'd like to spend more time creating items and less time stocking appliers so I would strongly suggest (when applicable) customers to pick up a copy of the Omega appliers for their favorite mesh wear.

Join the update group to pick up your exclusive Brown recolor for FREE!

Get the Look:

skin: (AMD) Lexi
shape: (AMD) Lexi Shape
lipgloss: Pink Acid - Anna
hair: Truth - Jolene
tattoo: Aitui - The Bombing at Pearl Harbor
piercings:  [PuncturedPinup]AllThat!BellyPiercing
                 [ES] Chest surface piercing
armwarmers: [hate this] elbow warmers - goth-black
shorts: (AMD) Bummin' It

skin: (AMD) mimi - Vegas 3
shape: (AMD) Mimi Shape B
hair/hat: Eaters Coma 55
necklace: LaGyo - Titiana
bracelets: Mandala - Sinra
pants: (AMD) Southern Bell


Myra Lingerie

Pick it up in Nude as this week's 25L special! **Ends 3/27**

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Brand new sultry Myra lingerie (or outfit if you dare) with hand painted body definition available in store OR on the marketplace! Available in 5 color options with hand painted body definition & 2 levels of sheerness allowing you to control just how revealing you want to be.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Ledi
shape: (AMD) Mimi Shape B
lipgloss: Deesses Skins: Glamour Lipstick #11
eyeshadow: MONS - Savage
hair: Eaters Coma - Hair 23
bracelet: **RE** NOX Era Gold Braclets


Crop Top for FREE!

You can pick up the new mesh Crop Top in store for FREE in part of the enMESHed hunt! Your package includes 4 Standard Sizes and all 6 color varieties in one easy to use hud! Just search for the festive little egg with this easy hint:

"By the new items, take a seat, and collect your egg for free!"

 Ends April 15th


Shades of Khaki 25L Special

Brand new unbuttoned casual style slacks, Shades of Khaki, now available in the AMD for Men store. Available in 4 "shades of khaki": khaki, sky, black, and sage. Each set of pants includes 4 Standard Sizes along with a simple bow tie to spice things up.

**Grab them in ALL four color options as this week's 25L special!** (Don't forget
ladies that you can also send these to your special guy via "Gift" at the vendors!) Ends 3/20


Sailor Shorts

New Sailor Shorts now available in store! Available in 5 colors for just 75L each: white, black, blue, pink, and red each including 4 Standard Sizes and 2 alpha options.

Why no fitted mesh this time? Simple... I can't stand the way the butt area stretches with short shorts like these. Most likely it wouldn't fit your booty needs and I can't stand by a product that may disappoint you. While fitted mesh is a great expansion to mesh wear it also has it's limitations and the butt area is one of the biggest area's that is limited!

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Suki
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape A
lipgloss: Pink Acid - Justina Lips
eyeshadow: MONS - Eyeshadow Color Dance
hair: (Chemistry) - Hera
top: (AMD) Cutie Tops
necklace - Manda - Onliest Necklace
bracelet: **RE** NOX Era Gold Braclets


Thigh High's in white AND fitted mesh!

 Pick up the brand new Thigh High's in Pearl as this week's 25L Special! **Ends 3/10**

The previously release Thigh High's now include 1 fitted mesh size along with a new color.... white! 

Note: Did you already purchase the Thigh High's and want the fitted mesh? Just contact me in world for a resend if your purchase was before Feb 13th. Other wise you should be able to use the redelivery terminal for the updated version.

Plus, Baby Bump & Omega costumers can now find their corresponding appliers to the previously released Southern Bell set!


Work It at Whore Couture Fair

The Whore Couture starts March 1st (ends April 1st) and to satisfy that sultry fashion craving you can find the new Work It outfit there! Available in 6 color options, each including:

4 Standard Size mesh hoodies
2 Fitted Mesh sizes
Matching star 'extreme' panties
Maitreya Lara Appliers
Slink Physique Appliers
Omega Appliers

Don't miss this incredible event hosted by Flair for Events. Teleport there by clicking here

Get the Look:

skin: (AMD) Lexi (With Anna Brow Dye - Caramel)
shape: (AMD) Anna Shape
lipgloss: Pink Fuel - Glossy Pout
eyeshadow: MONS - SAVAGE - Fallinlove
hair: (Chemistry) - Quinn
tiara: Turduken - My Princess Tiara
dimples: Zombie Suicide - Cheek Dimples
chester piercing: *ES* Chest surface piercing (found on marketplace)
shoes: :: Miss Canning :: [ High Top Sneakers ]

ring: (AMD) Sweet Tooth Ring