Slink Physique Appliers

Now Slink Physique customers can find appliers compatible with their AMD Gen 2 or Gen 3 skins.

 Find ALL Slink Physique appliers for 25L until 10/8

**Please remember, Gen 2 skin appliers are found UPSTAIRS and Gen 3 appliers are found DOWNSTAIRS in the AMD Body Shop**


LazyDay Sweatshirts for Men!

Brand new hooded sweat, LazyDay, for men is now in store! Find it in a variety of colors & graphics.

Find it in Red as this week's 25L special! **Ends 9/29**

Get the Look:

skin: TheSkinShop - Yves
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape C (coming soon in store!)
piercing: .Pekka. Mysterious
ears: AITUI - Stretched Ears
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Hill - Dread Serires
shorts: (AMD) Bummin' IT Shorts - Tan


PopRocks Stiletto's

Another addition for those of you wearing the Slink High Feet! Find the PopRock Stiletto's at the new Young Spirit event in 7 colors with color changing metal spikes & heel cap.


Blogger Applications now Open!

AMD Blogger Applications now OPEN!

The Official AMD Blogger group is looking for fresh faces! If interested in blogging the products of Apple May Designs please fill out the following form by September 20th to be considered. Find the form by clicking here.


Physique Appliers & Stiletto's!

It's hard to find the simplest of Stiletto's... the kind that match with everything, but not anymore! The new Simply Stiletto's feature a simple yet detailed shiny texture with a zipped up back.

Plus, with 6 colors available and each featuring color changing heel & metal heel caps it's sure to be a breeze to mix n' match.

Plus Slink Physique customers can now find appliers added to the recent releases of the Tigress Hot Pants & Sliced Tops along with the Southern Bell separates! If you already have these outfits you'll have the option to pick up the newly added appliers for just 25L by purchasing the Physique Tags.

*Please note the applier additions include the physique appliers ONLY! For the complete outfit along with the physique appliers & more please purchase the outfit packages. Ends 9/13