Mesh Template 1

New (non exclusive) Mesh Heel Template 1 now available on the marketplace. This shoe model features 8 faces for easy HUD creation or hide certain parts while keeping others visible to make your shoe unique!


Left & Right rigged models
Left & Right unrigged models
One pair of linked rigged model

Buy Online by clicking here


Semi-Exclusive Mesh Heel Template 1

The first of the Mesh Heel Semi-Exclusive templates can be found on the marketplace! Mesh Heel Template 1 includes rigged & unrigged models along with their .dae & psd files with your purchase. 

**Only 10 will be sold! Once they are gone they're GONE for good.**

As always, templates are exclusively sold on the marketplace. Click here to be taken to the demo product.


1L Holiday gifts for Him &* Her

No hunting required, just good ol' fashion dollarbies now in store for the holidays! For just 1L you can pick up these gifts for your self or pass them to a friend for the holidays.

(found in the AMD for Men store)

(found in the main AMD store)

**Only out for a limited time. Pick them up before 12/27**


Mistress Skirts

Brand new double slit mesh skirts, Mistress, available in store! These realistic skirts feature a high waist design with just enough skin showing through the high cut sides.

**Find it in Black as this week's 25L special! Ends 12/26**

Available in 3 grey scale colors: white, black, and of course... grey.

Buy Online

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Suki - Dark Desires
lipstick: MONS - Lipgloss (caramel)
blush: Dead Apples - Contour Blush
shape: (AMD) Mimi Shape B
hair: Magika - Wait
piercing: annaA - Face Piercing "Mania"
tape: League - Duct Tape
shoulder pads: Luas Ubran Style - Winter Shoulder Pads Black
heels: PROMAGIC - Rave (for Slink Hight)
piercing: Soedara - Cihuapilli Forehead Black Duae


Semi-Exclusive Mesh Template 24

 **Only 10 available! Once they're sold they are GONE.. no exceptions**

Brand new template fresh on the marketplace! Semi-Exclusive Mesh Template 24 features an un-laced mesh corset in 4 standard sizes. The mesh object has 2 faces (separate textures) to provide the utmost quality to your textures. Give your customers that hour glass figure with this versatile mesh design!

As always, templates are strictly available on the marketplace. Please always try the demo before purchasing! Find them online by clicking here


10L Gacha Machine for December!

New ColdOut Scarves in 15 varieties for Him & Her can now be found in both the main store and the AMD for Men store.

Try your luck at just 10L per play through the month of December only. Best part is, Gacha items are always transfer so you can wrap them up as gifts for friends!

Get the Look:

skin: Belleza - Ashton SK
guyliner: .:Glamourize:. - Guyliner Eye Makeup
face bruises: (AMD) Bad Day
pants: (AMD) Bummin' It
elbow warmers: [hate this] Elbow Warmers
gloves: FATEwear Gloves - Dexter
hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Jase
goggles: [ContraptioN] Specialist's Goggles
tattoo: ..:Freaks&Geekz:.. Free Your Mind HD Tattoos

skin: (AMD) Mimi - Deep Tan
eyelids: Slink Mesh Eyelids
top: (AMD) Cutie Top
shorts: (AMD) Bummin' It Shorts
hair & bow: Magika - Beans


Lexi "No Brow" option

Skin wearers of Lexi can now find the "No Brow" add on option to hide your eyebrows in the Body Shop of AMD.



Cutie Tops & Southern Bell Pants

They're finally here! You can now find the Southern Bell Pants in store in 3 denim colors: Classic, Sky, and Ash. Each color set includes optional mesh cuffs that can be modified to fit along with several appliers for mesh bodies.

Plus you can also find the new Cutie Tops in store for just 10L for one week only! These tops feature a sheer (ultra see through) top lined with lace in the front. Don't want to feel exposed? Simply layer the top with the other layers. Available in 4 select colors: black, white, red, purple, and also includes several appliers listed below:

**Special discount pricing Ends 11/22**

Get the Look:

skin: (AMD) Suki
lipgloss: Deessess Skins - Glamour Lipstick #9
eyeshadow: MONS Eyeshadow Mystery
eyeliner: Pink Acid - Mi Amor Deep Smoke Liner
shape: (AMD) Mimi Shape B
hair: Catwa - Ladymana
pants: (AMD) Southern Bell Pants
rings: Tabou Irresistible - Ring Square


Nemesis Pants for Him & Her

The new round of The Mens Dept. has started and you'll find these brand new Nemesis draw string sweat pants for Him & Her in 4 different color options: Black, White, Grey, and Red.

Buy online: HIM
Buy online: HER

Get the Look:

skin: Redgrave - David
brows: THESKINSHOP - Dashing
ears: RealEvil Industries  - ReVoX Ears E2
hair: Dura-Boy - 43
piercing: Hebenon Vial - Against the Stream
shoes: (AMD) High Top Wedge Sneakers
accessories: Hermony - Wristbands

skin: (AMD) Suki
lipgloss: Pink Fuel - Anna Lips & Teeth
blush: Dead Apples - Contour Blush
shape: (AMD) Lexi Shape
hair: Exile - Fade into You
shirt: (AMD) Flaunt II (part of a dress)
shoes: *PROMAGIC* LadyTrava


Sleepy Bunny Flats @ SAD NOVEMBER

The fashion & accessory event, SAD NOVEMBER, starts tomorrow! Be there early to beat the crowd and pick up the adorable new Sleepy Bunny flats from AMD!


Bowtie Flats + Free Gift

New Bowtie Flats now available in store! Grab them in Orange Polka as this week's 25L special! *Ends 10/31*

**Applisious group members can find them in Giraffe as their FREE gift in group
notice history**


1L Halloween Gift!

Find the hidden pumpkin in the garden area outside behind the AMD for Men store for this years Halloween special gift for him & her. To keep it interesting there will be decoys and the pumpkin containing the gift will move everyday from now until Halloween.

Final day to grab this limited time gift is October 31st!

Get the Look:

skin: (AMD) Suki
lipgloss: Pink Fuel - Glossy Pout
tears: Izzie's - I'm not feeling very well
shape: (AMD) Lexi Shape
hair: +Spellbound+ Velvet
accessories: BLITZED - Legacy Choker

skin: TheSkinShop - Yves
ears: AIUTI - Stretched Ears
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape A
hair: Exile - AJ
piercing: pekka - splint piercings


Mesh Template 33

Mesh Template 33 features a button up mesh dress with an "exposed" top. Style it with under garments or dare your customers to be exposed... up to you! The mesh template does NOT include the underlying bra shown in the photo.

Buy it online


Details - 25L Special!

Brand new mash up outfit, Details, can be found in store as this week's 25L special in store! Includes the mesh collar accessory along with the mesh top & skirt both in 4 Standard Sizes: XS, S, M, and L. **25L Special pricing ends 10/18**

Get the Look:

skin: (AMD) Mimi
brows: (AMD) Lexi Eyebrows - Black
make up: Langly - Eyeliner #3, Pink Acid - Anny Lips & Teeth, Dead Apples - Contour Blush
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape C (coming soon in store!)
hair: Little Bones - West Coast
piercing: Fall from Grace by Vortex Hellmann - Lip to ear chain
shoes: (AMD) Minnie Wedges - Black Metal
tattoo: TAOX - Leg Melodrama
balloons: Label Motion - My Black Balloon (with poses)


Just for Men Sale!

Men really do get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion events and sales in Second Life... so AMD is throwing a Just for Men sale with ALL items marked down to just 50L from October 1st through October 11th. 
**The only exemption to the sale are the items on the NEW wall**


Slink Physique Appliers

Now Slink Physique customers can find appliers compatible with their AMD Gen 2 or Gen 3 skins.

 Find ALL Slink Physique appliers for 25L until 10/8

**Please remember, Gen 2 skin appliers are found UPSTAIRS and Gen 3 appliers are found DOWNSTAIRS in the AMD Body Shop**


LazyDay Sweatshirts for Men!

Brand new hooded sweat, LazyDay, for men is now in store! Find it in a variety of colors & graphics.

Find it in Red as this week's 25L special! **Ends 9/29**

Get the Look:

skin: TheSkinShop - Yves
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape C (coming soon in store!)
piercing: .Pekka. Mysterious
ears: AITUI - Stretched Ears
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Hill - Dread Serires
shorts: (AMD) Bummin' IT Shorts - Tan


PopRocks Stiletto's

Another addition for those of you wearing the Slink High Feet! Find the PopRock Stiletto's at the new Young Spirit event in 7 colors with color changing metal spikes & heel cap.


Blogger Applications now Open!

AMD Blogger Applications now OPEN!

The Official AMD Blogger group is looking for fresh faces! If interested in blogging the products of Apple May Designs please fill out the following form by September 20th to be considered. Find the form by clicking here.


Physique Appliers & Stiletto's!

It's hard to find the simplest of Stiletto's... the kind that match with everything, but not anymore! The new Simply Stiletto's feature a simple yet detailed shiny texture with a zipped up back.

Plus, with 6 colors available and each featuring color changing heel & metal heel caps it's sure to be a breeze to mix n' match.

Plus Slink Physique customers can now find appliers added to the recent releases of the Tigress Hot Pants & Sliced Tops along with the Southern Bell separates! If you already have these outfits you'll have the option to pick up the newly added appliers for just 25L by purchasing the Physique Tags.

*Please note the applier additions include the physique appliers ONLY! For the complete outfit along with the physique appliers & more please purchase the outfit packages. Ends 9/13


Ninja SweatShirts for Men

Finally! Something new for the men out there! Find the new Ninja Hooded Sweatshirts in 4 different color options OR 4 color options with the graphic design reading "Dub Step"

**The guys can find ALL 8 options (sold separately) for just 25L as this week's 25L special! End 9/6**

Get the Look:
skin: TheSkinShop - Yves
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape C
beard: T A I L O R E D ::: Facial Hair - Chinstrap V1
ears: **RE** ReVoX Ears E2
Hair: [Atro Patena] - Neil
glasses: (AMD) Broken Geek Glasses
cigarette: [NikotiN] - Cigarette


Minnie Wedges for Slink High

Brand new Minnie Wedges feature a wedge heel designed for the Slink High Feet. Available in 7 wedge color options, each featuring a variety of color changes via hud for the bow, metal studs, metal chain, and heel cap (not the wedge).

**Grab them in Dark Wood as this week's 25L special! Ends 8/30**

Buy Online


Tigress Tops

  Brand new tops to go with your Tigress Hot Pants! The Tigress Split Tops match the hot pants perfectly OR you can mix n' match your favorite colors. You can find them in the same 5 vibrant colors as the Hot Pants with the additional color of purple!

**Find the Tigress Sliced Tops in Purple as this weeks 25L special! Ends 8/20**

All 6 colors include Lola Tango & Wowmeh appliers.

Buy Online

Get the Look:

skin: (AMD) - Lexi
teeth: [Ava] Pixel Perfect Teeth
shape: (AMD) Mimi Shape *B*
lipstick - Deesses Skins - Glamour Lipstick #11
cheek piercing: :Z.S: Cheek dimples with piercings V2
Hair: CatWa - Mesh Ruby Hair
accessories: **RE** Nox Era Gold Bracelet, Indy&Co: Ibiza Chains (necklace)
top: Apple May Designs - Hazel Mesh Top - Pink



Red Tag Sale Event for Women!

It's long over due but it's here! For two weeks women can find many clothes & accessories marked down to just 25L with a RED tag. *Sale ends August 6th*

But the fun doesn't stop there... I'm asking both the guys & girls to complete a short survey to share your opinions and what you'd like to see at AMD. By completing the survey you'll be able to receive one free gift of your choosing.

To complete this survey please click here


What's new for 25L?

Brand new this week in store are some specials request from you all! You can now find the outfit, Cherry, with Wowmeh & Lola Tango appliers along with Wowmeh Appliers for the Mistie Tops (which already included Lola Tango's).

Already have these outfits? You can purchase JUST the appliers for just 25L... however if you do not already own these outfits it is strongly suggested to simply purchase the original outfit which is now packed with those appliers! **Sale ends in 2 weeks - August 2nd**

Plus... AMD Skin lover of Anna can now find new brow dye's! Thew new selection includes: Dark Brown, Auburn, and No Brow.

Just 25L per dye pack for one week only! Ends 7/26


Semi-Exclusive Mesh Template 8

Brand new Semi-Exclusive template release for my fellow content creators! The new Mesh Template 8 **Semi-Exclusive** features a chic maxi dress design in 4 Standard Sizez: XS, S, M, and L. Perfect addition to your summer time line.

Only 10 will be sold, once they're gone they are GONE for good.

Find this and all other templates only on the marketplace. Please click here for the link.


Tigress Hot Pants

Ever wanted shorts/hot pants that really gave your back side a nice shape? These Tigress Hot Pants are just for you then! Shapely design with hand panted lighting with a high waist cut. Find them in 5 vibrant colors each including both a wowmeh & phat azz applier.

Get the Look:

skin: (AMD) - Mimi
teeth: Izzie's - Teeth 2
shape: (AMD) Mimi Shape *A*
lipstick - Pink Fuel - Glossy Pout Lipsticks
eyeshadow: MONS - Eyeshadow Mystery (soft)
Hair: Magika - Tomorrow
hair bow: [AUX] - Slouchy Leather Bow (gacha)
accessories: Donna Flora - Samara bow watch, (yummy) - Heart Locket
top: Apple May Designs - Hazel Mesh Top - Pink

skin: (AMD) - Mimi
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape *A*
lipstick - Pink Acid - Anna Lips & Teeth
eyeshadow: MONS - Eyeshadow Mystery (soft)
Hair: exile - Wild Horses
piercing: .Pekka. - Splint Piercings
top: Apple May Designs - Ur Welcome - WTF


Army Brat Torn Skirt & Tops

New Army Brat outfit features a camouflage fabric along with visible wear & tear through out of the no mesh outfit. Find it in 4 color options: Marsh (shown in photo), Forest, Girlie, and Noir. Each set includes Phat Azz, Lola, and Wowmeh appliers.

**Applisious members can find the outfit in "Marsh" as their FREE group gift in group notice history**

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) - Lexi
makeup: (AMD) Bad Day
ears: ...::: Scrub :::... "And now?" Ears
teeth: Izzie's - Teeth 1
shape: (AMD) Mimi Shape *B*
Hair: Truth - Lyam
accessories: Cute Poison - Bad Bitch (rings)
piercing: [ S H O C K ] Spikes & Skull - Belly Piercings
wings: {PopTart} - The Messenger Shoulder Piece
tattoo: Vestigum - Mermaid's Enchantment
shoes: **Dirty Princess** - Gladiator Couture Princess


Blue Bell Tops & From Above Belt

Brand new Blue Bell Tops feature a spring inspired lace texture on the two tier mesh top available in 4 Standard Sizes. Find it in 6 color options: purple, vintage, pink, mint, white, and sky.

**Grab it in Vintage as this week's 25L special! Ends 7/4**
Plus, accessories your outfit with the new From Above Belts. 100% mesh & resizable via script. Available in 5 belt colors each including a hud to change your metal from either silver or gold.

 ***Find the From Above Belt in Blue also apart of this week's 25L Sale! Also ends 7/4***

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) - Mimi
blush: (AMD) Blush Peach
lipstick: Pink Acid - Anna Lips & Teeth
eyeshadow: MONS - Eyeshadow Mystery 
shape: (AMD) Mimi Shape *B*
Hair: Truth - Siobhan
accessories: (AMD) From Above Belt - Black, HOC Inducstries - Watch 01, 
piercing: Cute Poison - Allogeneous Piercing
hand tattoo (for SLink) - TAOX - Hands Wrists Rosary


Wowmeh Appliers for recent releases!

Wowmeh wearers can now enjoy AMD wear too! Find the recent releases Ur Welcome Tops, Extreme Thongs, and Southern Bell Tops & Shorts in store with a special price tag marked "Wowmeh" which you can snag for just 25L! **Sale ends 6/21**

***Please note that the 25L sale applies only to the tagged Wowmeh appliers which contain ONLY the Wowmeh applier. If you wish to have the full standard clothing layers + appliers please purchase the hanging clothing garnment instead.


After Shorts for Him & Her

New After Shorts for guys & girls is available at the monthly Mens Department event. Available in 4 classic denim colors each including a hud for 7 boxer colors. 

*Now available in store or on the Marketplace*

Buy His Online
Buy Hers Online

Get the Look:

skin: Samurai HQ - Gavin Skins
shape: (AMD) Men's Medium Shape A
Hair: Action - Kris Flashed
shoes: (AMD) Neon Wings - Sky

skin: (AMD) Lexi
Shape: (AMD) Medium Shape A
hair: ? (Sorry! I forgot to write it down before taking it off)
tattoo: HUZ - Angel - Freebie
anklet:  S U G A R  M A R M I T E - Tootsie Anklet - Cross (worn with SLink feet)


Wowmeh Appliers Available

Wowmeh fans can now find appliers for their AMD Gen 2 & 3 skins in the body shop! Just remember, Gen 2 appliers are found upstairs while Gen 3 appliers can be found downstairs.


Mystical Shape

New line of shapes will be joining the AMD Body Shop of mystical inspiration. As usual, these shapes will be based off of standard sizing with their own unique looks, so fitting mesh should be a breeze.

Kicking off the new line is Mystical Shape A. With wide doe eye's, anime was the inspiration.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Mimi
teeth: Izzie's - Teeth 8
hair: Hand painted for the photo... sorry!
headband: Bliensen + MaiTai - Moonchild - Tiara - Silver
eyes: IKON Promise Eyes - Silverleaf
accessories:* May's Soul* Always in your chain