Harvard Tops & Preppy Plaid Pants

Brand new release in store for the guys!

You have the perfect pair to mix n' match with the new Harvard Tops & Preppy Plaid Pants. Each color of the Harvard Tops includes 9 tie options with just a simple click of your nose! Mix n' match it to your hearts content.

 Buy Online
Buy Online (marketplace went wonky on me by the time I tried to list these, so for the moment they are only available in store... sorry!)

Get the Look:
skin: Belleza - Jacob (Men's Dept. Feb)
shape: (AMD) Men's Medium Shape A
hair: Atro Patena - Ben
ears: Aitui - Stretched Ears
glasses: HOC - Rectangle Framed Glasses (male)
shoes: Gizza - Sports SHoes
cig: FNKY! Cigarette II
bag: Mr. Poet - Leather Bag


  1. Where is the blue plaid pants from the picture?
    I like the concept but the pants and the shirt need some more detail.

    1. The pants are found in the AMD for men store along side of the Harvard Tops.

  2. I bought the Harvard Tops but the alpha layer is bigger than the shirt itself. I see a hole around me below the shirt which is the size of a belt. What can I do? :(

    1. Hi there, all packets now include the alpha layer texture so you can edit them to fit. Alpha's are made using the standard sizes so unfortunately when your shape falls out of that range it can change the way the alpha fits. However, alpha's are much simpler then they look. The white area's are what's visible and the cut out (shown with gray and white boxes) is what's invisible.

      Also (this would probably be easier for you if the area is that large). You could create a new alpha layer and just add in the top texture only. Leaving the entire bottom area visible.

    2. ok, I will try