FROST Event & Lavish II

The fashion event, FROST, has opened this week and there you'll find the new dress Frost in three muted colors (Blue, Pink, and Green) along with a variety of matching & contrasting Frost Knit scarves.

You can find a teleport there by clicking here.

New in store is the Lavish II dress. The beloved trained dress now with a halter top in a silky pattern and optional bow.

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You can find the new edition in the classic 3 romance colors: Pearl (white), Red, and Black.

If you'd like to wear this dress (or any AMD formal wear) for a special occasion, I do take recolor requests.... just don't wait to the last minute to send in a request please!

Get the Look:

skin: (AMD) Bebe - Soho
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape D
hair: Magika - Pix

antlers: Viita - Reindeer Antlers
scarf: (AMD) Frost Knit Scarf

Lavish II in Redskin: (AMD) Eliza - Just the lips 3
eyeshadow: Cheap Make Up - Zeitgeist 5
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape A
hair: Paper Couture - Femme Fatale Bun
crown: Alienbear - Amatersau mini crown
accessories: Shiny Things - Savage jewelry

Lavish II in White
skin: (AMD) Eliza - Just the lips 4 (with Cleavage Enhancer 1)
eyeshadow: Cheap Makeup - Miss Priss Lipgloss
shape: (AMD) Bebe Shape
hair: Truth - Tristana
tiara: Donna Flora - Candy Tiara
accessories: Paper Couture - Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Donna Flora - Samara bow watch