Royalty Gown

Beautiful new mesh gown to bring in the new year, Royalty, features a snug bodice top with a flowing lace skirt. You can find Royalty in 6 colors and if you're looking for a specific color you can always ask!

**If you're apart of the Applisious group, you can find this dress in the Duo tone as your FREE group gift**

Get the Look:
In Red
skin: (AMD) Lily Pale with Cleavage Enhancer 2
eyeshadow: (AMD) Eyedadows Pack 1 - Smokey
shape: (AMD) Lily Shape (modified for standard sizing)
hair: Exile - One Voice
crown: -LaViere- Fake Plastic Crown
accessories: Shiny Things - Savage jewelry

In Pearl
skin: (AMD) Kat - Nitro
shape: (AMD) Small Shape C
eyeshadow: (AMD) Base Eyeliner - Retro - Black
hair: Exile - Simone
tiara: Donna Flora - Candy Tiara
accessories: Alienbear - Avenue


Semi Exclusive Templates!

I've been asked for certain designs to be made available as templates and there's just some things I find hard to let go of, but I found a happy middle ground and that's limited quantity templates!

These two new templates are being sold with only 10 copies available making your designs more unique! As always there are demo's provided and encouraged to try out. Since I've never done something like this before there's no telling how quickly these might go and once they are sold they are GONE... no exceptions! So hurry.

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FROST Event & Lavish II

The fashion event, FROST, has opened this week and there you'll find the new dress Frost in three muted colors (Blue, Pink, and Green) along with a variety of matching & contrasting Frost Knit scarves.

You can find a teleport there by clicking here.

New in store is the Lavish II dress. The beloved trained dress now with a halter top in a silky pattern and optional bow.

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You can find the new edition in the classic 3 romance colors: Pearl (white), Red, and Black.

If you'd like to wear this dress (or any AMD formal wear) for a special occasion, I do take recolor requests.... just don't wait to the last minute to send in a request please!

Get the Look:

skin: (AMD) Bebe - Soho
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape D
hair: Magika - Pix

antlers: Viita - Reindeer Antlers
scarf: (AMD) Frost Knit Scarf

Lavish II in Redskin: (AMD) Eliza - Just the lips 3
eyeshadow: Cheap Make Up - Zeitgeist 5
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape A
hair: Paper Couture - Femme Fatale Bun
crown: Alienbear - Amatersau mini crown
accessories: Shiny Things - Savage jewelry

Lavish II in White
skin: (AMD) Eliza - Just the lips 4 (with Cleavage Enhancer 1)
eyeshadow: Cheap Makeup - Miss Priss Lipgloss
shape: (AMD) Bebe Shape
hair: Truth - Tristana
tiara: Donna Flora - Candy Tiara
accessories: Paper Couture - Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Donna Flora - Samara bow watch


Turtle & Holiday Edition

New sweater dress, Turtle, is perfect for any wardrobe and even better... aside from it's casual colors there's also TWO seasonal options for the months of December & January only. For the duration of it's sale the seasonal options, Christmas and Snowman, are at a discounted price of just 75L.

**If you are apart of the Applisious group you can find the Snowman edition as your FREE group in the group notice history.**

Not feeling too festive? There is also casual everyday colors in violette, snow, coal, and teal. These color options are at their normal price.

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Get the Look:

Turtle Teal
skin: (AMD) Arabell - Bare 2
shape: (AMD) Lily Shape (modified for standard sizes)
hair: Truth - Hailey
shoes: (AMD) Snuggies - White
accessories: (AMD) Sloppy Pearls, Mandala - Milky way bracelet

Turtle Snow
skin: (AMD) Atalise - Allure 1
lipstick: (AMD) Teegan Lipsticks - Naturals *Pink Shimmer*
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape A
hair: Wasabi Pills - Claire
ear muffs: League - Huh 2 (from Arcade Gatcha event)
shoes: (AMD) Snuggies - Blue
accessories: Glow Studio - Necklace Amelie Silver
purse: je suis - MESH BAG*Creme* CS'12 EXCLUSIVE