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The Ego Co. event Around the World has started and just as it sounds it houses many different fashion, accessories, and even furniture inspired from the cultures of the world. You can find AMD in the North America area by clicking here.

There you'll find several Say It long sleeve mesh shirts sporting iconic states/area's of the north. Pair these up with your favorite bottoms for a fabulous look... I favor using parts from the Ringer outfi.

Also, starting the 17th (tomorrow) you can find this beautiful Winter Formal gown at the FAIR event by CHIC management. Winter Formal features a strapless gown with a mermaid laced bottom skirt and includes the lace sash & bow as well in both snow and lust (red).

So what's new in store? An electric twist on the mermaid skirt gown, Homecoming. This is a perfect match when looking for something fancy but more sassy than formal. You can find Homecoming in three vibrant colors to suit your needs: Electric Peach, Purple (both shown below) and Pink.

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Want to know the items used to style these items? Read below the cut...


skin: (AMD) Kate - Nitro 4
makeup: Glamorize - Starbright Eyeshadows
shape: (AMD) Lily Shape (modified for standard sizing)
hair: Truth - Cheyenne Fades
accessories: (AMD) Moderno Earrings, Paper Couture - Amethyst Nest Necklace, Atelier AM - Ball Bracelet
tiara: Turducken - My Princess Tiara

skin: (AMD) Erika
hair: Exile - Best of You
makeup: (AMD) Eyeshadows Pack 1 - Passion, (AMD) Kyra Lipsticks - Gold
shape: (AMD) Lily Shape (modified for standard sizing)
hair: Truth - Cheyenne Fades
accessories: Je Suis - Voyante Necklace

Winter Formal
skin: (AMD) Regina - Fierce 4
shape: (AMD) Medium A
hair: Wasabi Pills - Sachiko
accessories: Mandala - Polly Bracelet, Donna Flora - Harlow Necklace


skin: (AMD) Bebe - Soho 1
shape: (AMD) Bebe Shape
hair: Wasabi Pills - Amelie
accessories: MOOD - PacMania Earrings
shoes: E-Clipse - ForemastAnkle

skin: (AMD) Arabell - Bare 3
shape: (AMD) Bebe Shape
Teeth: Tuli - Parted Lips (free)
hair: Wasabi Pills - Amandine
accessories: (AMD) Hemp n' Beads Necklace, (AMD) Little Rock bracelet
belt: (AMD) Virginia Belt (from outfit: Virginia)
shoes: J's - Fringe Cowgirl Boots
wheat for mouth: Epi de Ble by Ameno Heron

New York
skin: (AMD) Giselle
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape A
hair: Truth - Portia
accessories: (AMD) Moderno Earrings, (AMD) Love Necklace, Mandala Sinra Rings
shoes: Just Design - Tundra
clutch: FineSmith - Sequins

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  1. Quick question: what is the model wearing underneath the new york sweater? it seems like short shorts and a tank top? but from where? It looks so well styled!