Hey all,

So the sale was a success and now the store has tons of room for new releases! New this week are two mesh templates to help inspire you for your own clothing line OR create the one of a kind look that everyone craves.

Every outfit I release has many many different ways I think it should look but there just isn't enough room on one island for 100+ recolors of each outfit. So I've set out the recently release Vanity dress as a template this week.

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Also new is a much requested, pleated skirt. While making this I also see it as a gladiator themed skirt, not sure why... but let your imagination carry you!

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As always, templates can NOT be found in store but instead on the marketplace only. Happy creating!


Summer End Sale + Vanity Dress

Hey all!

So I have goodies for you all today! First up is the brand new outfit, Vanity. Vanity comes in three totally different patterns to represent stages in fashion that I love. The lovely photo below was done by one of my favorite bloggers, Anne Dakun. She is also creator of Label Motion which houses majority of the poses I use.

So jump over to her Blog for the full "Get the Look" style guide.

Plus the news just gets better... summer will be coming to an end soon (since the days fly by so darn quick to me) and I'd like to clear out some room for my recent obsession. Meshes!

Many items have been marked down anywhere from 10L - 50L. The sale is only for a few days with the last official day being July 29th. So be sure to hurry down before these items get retired for good!


Janessa & Earrings

Lovely new long skirt outfit, Janessa, is in store! Janessa features a two piece dress composed of a mesh top & long skirt.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Bebe - Soho 2
shape: (AMD) Bebe Shape
eyelids - SLink
hair: Elikatira - Me
head band: EY:NO - Sakura Head String
accessories: (AMD) Fashionista Bangles, KOSH - Angel Key Necklace
shoes: Anexx - Triple Fringe Pumps
bag: Tee*fy - Toy Cam-Mera Bag

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Plus there's new fabulous Moderno earrings that match this outfit perfectly (just too bad you can't see them under the hair) and available in 3 colors.

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Summer Dream

Summer dreams features a strapless jumper with a bold floral print in 4 different color options. This fun flirty summer outfit can be found in store or on the marketplace.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Rhylee - Starfall 4
shape: (AMD) Medium Shape A
hair: Truth - Faith
accessories: (AMD) Dew Drop Bracelet, Zaara - Karmuka Necklace, Label Mode - Minerva Rings
shoes: Celoe - Aelia.Wedges

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Gift & Shapes!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I've set out a little goodie in store for just 10L for a very limited time... just this weekend! The enchanted necklace features a modern design in grey tones, great match for just about any outfit.

Also new in store are two shapes found in the room to the right inside of the body store. These new shapes are based off of the standard sizing numbers so it makes fitting into meshes a breeze. As always, a "Get the Look" style guide is provided with each shape.

Also, if you're a member of the Applisious group you can find two new additions to the maxi skirt line as your exclusive free gift!