Events & New items!

It's a new week and there's lots to know about AMD! This week you'll find AMD participating in two must have events: Chic Birthday Event & Mesh Around Hunt.

For the Chic Birthday Event you'll find yourself surrounded by unique cubes each housing a new creation from a variety of designers. There you can grab one of the new make up additions to the Bebe skin line. Soho features soft eye shadow with contrasting subtle lipstick.... and it's 50% off at the event! That means you can grab your four pack make up variety for 675L per skin tone.

In the main store you can find the other new addition to the Bebe skin line, Black Out. Unlike it's counter part, Black Out features a dark elaborate smokey eye matched with both vibrant and neutral lipsticks. This too is 50% off, but please remember it's in the body shop of the main store (NOT at the Chic event) Sale ends in one week: June 11th

Now... time for the FREE gifts. If you haven't heard, the new hunt that is an absolute must in my book is the Mesh Around hunt. There are SO many designers participating, each leaving a free gift that is mesh. If you've been afraid to try meshes thus far this is a great way to give it a go. At AMD you'll find two of the new Graphic Tanks hidden in the M (Gobbler & Splatter).

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Bebe - Black Out
shape: (AMD) Bebe Shape
hair: Burley - GaEun
skirt: (AMD) Atomic Skirt - Zebra
tattoo: Vestigium - Mermaids Enchantment
accessories: (AMD) Obnoxious Hoops Earrings, Naith Smit - Rock'n'Rolla Chain
mouth tape: Dirtyland - STFU grey

 In addition to the two free hidden in store you can also find four additional graphic tanks for sale: Hands On, Fingers Up, Dirty, and Naughty.

***If you're apart of the Applicious group inworld, you can find the "Dirty" version for FREE in the group notice history***
Hunt Hint: Laying low on the dresses side, behind a wall is a good place to hide.