100L NEW Rhylee Skin + Shapes

New skin line at AMD, Rhylee, brings beauty and a sale! Grab all packs of Rhylee (both the base & Starfall make up pack) for just 100L for this week only!! Sale ends the night of April 8th so hurry!

**If you're apart of the Appliscious group you can find all 7 base skin tones as your free gift!**

There is also two new additional shapes in the standard sizing shape room. All shape signs are marked with there corresponding standard size for easy mesh fitting. The new Medium B shape is made with the new Rhylee skin!

Also, you can now fine the WFC item, Countess, in the lingerie area of the main store.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I think this new skin line is perfect for my sister. I love to have this one as a gift for her. For sure she will like it. Thanks for the share.