New outfit, jewelry, and skin!

Brand new face, Regina, in store in both the basic pack and the Fierce make up packs.

Notice the new symbol in the bottom right hand corner? This is to let you know that the shape is based off of the Standard Sizing chart and is a size small. Standard sizing is something many designers are using to base their meshes off of and this makes it easy to fit in those outfits.

Also new in store is the outfit, Cosmo, which features a vibrant pattern with a high waist mesh skirt, optional leggings & sculpted belt.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Regina - Fierce
hair: Exile - Rivers Run
shoes: (AMD) Suede Pumps
accessories: (AMD) Cosmo Bangles, (AMD) Rosalyn, (AMD) Obnoxious Earrings

Buy Online

Get the complete look with the new accessories to match as well. Rosalyn Necklace, Cosmo Bangles, and the Suede Pumps all in store as well. Find the Cosmo Bangles as 1L Gift by the new items until saturday! The Suede Pumps can be found with the other shoes/accessories to the left of new items.

**If you're apart of the Applisious group you can find this necklace for FREE in group notice history**