Game night recolors

It's a new year and that means new teams making it to the superbowl. Support your team with the new additions to Game Night!

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Kat- Lollita 4
hair: Catwa - Amylee
shoes: SoReal - Superstars
bandaids - from AMD's outfit Trashy

Also, don't forget the discount on the Erika skin line and outfit Minerva ends tonight!


Minerva outfit, new skin, and matching bracelet!

New outfit Minerva is a versatile look with a tight under dress and loose mesh top in four sizes. The new mesh sizes are based off of the Standard Sizing shapes to better unify the world of meshes. Demo's are provided to ensure fitting, so please be sure to give them a try prior to purchasing. For those of you who are hesitant to put on a mesh I'm going to lure you over with a sale! For the next 48 hours you can find Minerva for just 75L in store only.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Erika- Allure 4
make up: (AMD) Eyeshadows Pack 1 - Autumn
hair: Maitreya - Apple
shoes: J's - Real Gladiator Sandals
accessories: (AMD) Open Sea Necklace, (AMD) Dew Drop Bracelet, (AMD) Sunburst Ring

When creating new items it's amazing how they inspire other new items. The new outfit inspired the new layered Dew Drop Bracelet, adorned with a sculpted leaf to closely match the Open Sea necklace used for the outfit.

The outfit was inspired by the new face that's now found in store. Erika in the base skin line is that perfect nude skin for those lazy outfits. (Also on sale! Keep reading for more info)

While a natural look is what inspired the skin I couldn't help myself and made the Bad Queen make up line which features a rich smokey eye in four light lipsticks tones.

I love the look of the new outfit and skin together and want you to as well! So to make your trip to AMD even better I've marked the Erika base skin line to just 225L and the Bad Queen make up packs to just 350L! This sale will also end in 48 hours so hurry! Sale ends friday night


MiMi and Jewelry!

New outfit MiMi is the perfect combination of simple yet stylish wear. The inspiration behind it was to keep it simple leaving a world of possibilities for a unique style depending on your accessories. I went with a relaxed casual look but added a little sas with these lovely shoes I found from Anexx.

Would you believe I spent over an hour looking for the perfect pair of shoes to support my 'vision' for this outfit. I sure did! Sometimes I can spend up to three or more hours trying out different combinations with hair, accessories, and shoes. That's a little crazy huh?

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Atalise - Allure 4
hair: Lelutka - Wilde
hair band: Miel - Tulip Headband
shoes: Anexx - TripleFringe Pumps
accessories: (AMD) Crater Necklace & Earrings, (AMD) Little Rock bracelet

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I made it slightly easier on myself to just create the jewelry as I had a very specific desire for accessories. You can find the new Crater necklace & earrings sold separately in store in two colors: Stone and Bronze. You can also find the Little Rock cuff bracelet in store as well.

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New skin.. Sophie!

Brand new skin hits the shelves in AMD! Sophie is an eccentric face with unique characteristics to surely give you an unique look. Along with the base skin line you can find the Eccentric make up line which includes four different make up combinations.

If you're apart of the AMD update group you should receive a Demo Sample pack of the new face & shape


New Brat Pack themed outfit + 1L Necklace

New outfit inspired by the "Brat Pack". Brat features a retro yet modern day style with the high waist baby doll flexi skirt with underlying lace and vibrant sculpted yellow belt (included!). Two attachment options are included to best suit your AO movement.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Milly - Loved 2
hair: Lelutka - Addison
hair band: (AMD) Black Night
shoes: Pixel Mode - Baby T's
accessories: (AMD) Music Charm Necklace, Glow Studio - Dip Dye Chain bracelet

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You can also find the Music Charm necklace as a 1L gift in store as well! Enjoy!


25L NEW outfit sale!

Very short 25L SALE on the new outfit, Jenelle, until tomorrow night (jan 5th). Hurry, in store only!

New boho inspired outfit, Jenelle, is an adorable addition to your fashion wardrobe. Jenelle features a detailed floral strapless babydoll dress with an optional under skirt.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Arabell - Bare 3
hair: Burley - Euphoria
hat: Lelutka - Audrey Hat (brown)
shoes: J's - Fringe Cowgirl Boots
accessories: (AMD) Sunburst Jewelry - Bronze, (AMD) Forged Bangles

I had a very particular look I wanted to display this outfit so I also created matching jewelry to finish off the look. You can find the Sunburst ring, necklace, and matching earrings as a set sold in store in two color options.

**If you are apart of the Applisious group you can find the bronze set as your free gift in the group notice history**

You can also purchase the Forged Bangles used in this outfit. These bangles feature a rustic look with complimenting gold tones.