Thief Caught!

Every designer, at some point, has to deal with a thief. It's incredibly disappointing to see the textures I hand painted and spent hours, weeks, even months to complete stolen out from underneath me. What makes it worse is when you confront the person and they claim to love your product yet stole from you.

I take every claim of copybotting seriously, and when it was pointed out to me that the store "Felony" was selling my textures I hopped right over. What really disappointed me though was finding the creators profile, Feline Dagger, to also have used my Teegan picture (which is also the skin she stole and renamed "Cassidy") as her own photo with modifications. How do I know it was definitely my picture and not just a remake? Easy, this picture features hand painted fly aways extending from the hair.

Please help designers combat piracy and don't support the thieves!


  1. HEllo dear designer my name is Hlin Bluebird owner of Al Vulo, i will just informed she have made the action to me , and i think the skin she mixed whit your is my skin called Erika.
    please apologize my english and my best regard
    Hlin Bluebird

  2. Im familiar with feline's work and I know she uses a lot of templates. If your work turned out to be part of a template then that is not the problem of the designer that purchased the template. Better thing to do would be to find out where she got the template rather then full out accusing her of thieving from you.

    Feline is no thief. I know she spends a fortune on templates and items from various merchant resource websites to combine into her skins. Unfortunately, an issue in secondlife is the fact that there are those out there that rip skins to sell them on as is, or sell them as part of templates that unfortunate designers fall pray to buying and then are accused of stealing.

    You need to learn all the facts before making such accusations and defaming a decent person's reputation and name.

    1. Your argument would be convincing but you're missing the facts of the post. Not only did she sell my skins, she also STOLE my advertisement picture and simply painted over it with added accessories and darkening the skin. As stated above, the hair fly a ways are HAND painted therefore unique to my own creation.

      Secondly, Feline, claimed to be a 'fan' of my skins and even supposedly bought the skin that she used to sell in her own store (Teegan). I don't know about you, but even with all the products I have and have purchased I know a skin when I see it (specifically when I own it as well). I also understand the possibility of buying a stolen skin template, but as a designer it's up to THAT person to investigate the source of the template to make sure that they themselves aren't held liable as a thief.

      Bottom line, even if it was a template she bought she knew damn well it was mine and should have reported it to me. Secondly she should have never used and manipulated my advertisement photo which she promptly took down when I IM'd her (even before mentioning it... hmm guilty conscious?)

      So Feline.. or friend of feline. There's your facts. One way or another they were stolen and she knew that.