Huge Holiday Sale on skins & enhancements!

Huge release today with a special holiday discount!

In the body shop you can find four new make up additions to some of the favorite faces of AMD: Lily, Giselle, Kat, and Zoey. As a special holiday discount you can find each one of the packs for just 99L for a limited time!

 You'll also notice something new specifically with Lily, it's the new Body B option! Body B will be featured on some future AMD skins as well as Body A (the current body of AMD skins) depending on the style of the skin. Either way YOU have the option to customize your look with the new body tattoo's which can be worn over your current skin. You can find BOTH of these body styles on sale for just 99L.

**If you're in the Applisious group you can find Body B as your FREE gift in group notice history**

So what about your cleavage enhancers? There are minor changes to the bust so your current ones work fine, if you wish to upgrade I've set out the Body B enhancers for a limited time discount of just 50L (found in the skin enhancement room).

Also discounted in the enhancement room are the eyebrow dye's. I plan to release skin specific dye's in the future so the current dye's will be discontinued.

Don't miss out on these holiday savings! The sale will end the night of December 18th!

And yes! There is more.... there's also a 10L *unisex* gift set out for the "With Love Hunt... again".  The hunt hint is "New clothes are always hidden treasures" This gift will be out until Jan 6th.

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  1. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include Atalise in sales so we can get her too!!!!