Cougar... rawr!

I decided to go back to my jersey roots this week and bring you all something with animal print. As always I try to walk the line of sultry and classy and Cougar is just that. This mini dress features a sculpted top adorned with a black bow to contrast the animal print.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Lily - Flare 4
hair: Vive9 - Karlie
shoes: Pixel Mode (PM) - Baby T's
accessories: Mandala - Milkyway ring, Creamshop - Glam earring

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It's been awhile since I've done any sort of mash ups and with all the requests for skirts similar to Pucker Up it gave me an idea. This fun little outfit, Happy, features my favorite fabric... polka dots! Something about polka dots always makes me want to wear red shoes and the bow in the hair made the perfect accessory. Happy includes the sculpted belt seen in the picture.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Milly - Loved 1
hair: Truth - Lucia
shoes: Stiletto Moody - Ruby Sling backs
accessories: (AMD) - Ivana Cameo Necklace, Atelier AM - Ball necklace, Mandala - Milkyway Ring

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Recently on the AMD facebook page I was asked to bring back some of the past AMD holiday wear. While I wish I could have redone all of the outfits I did complete one of my favorites, Holiday! The new version, Holidays, keeps the same classy yet sexy look with a ton more detail! Realistic fur lines the skirt and the sleeves and the outfit is available in both red and green. Both color packs include the matching hair bow as well.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Milly - Loved 2
hair: Magika - Dara
hair band: Included with outfit
shoes: (Green) Juicy Slingbacks - Pea Green, G Field - Ribbon Sling back - Red
accessories: Alienbear - Sassy II White

If you're apart of the Applisious group you can find the green version of this outfit for FREE in group notice history.

Happy Holidays!


Huge Holiday Sale on skins & enhancements!

Huge release today with a special holiday discount!

In the body shop you can find four new make up additions to some of the favorite faces of AMD: Lily, Giselle, Kat, and Zoey. As a special holiday discount you can find each one of the packs for just 99L for a limited time!

 You'll also notice something new specifically with Lily, it's the new Body B option! Body B will be featured on some future AMD skins as well as Body A (the current body of AMD skins) depending on the style of the skin. Either way YOU have the option to customize your look with the new body tattoo's which can be worn over your current skin. You can find BOTH of these body styles on sale for just 99L.

**If you're in the Applisious group you can find Body B as your FREE gift in group notice history**

So what about your cleavage enhancers? There are minor changes to the bust so your current ones work fine, if you wish to upgrade I've set out the Body B enhancers for a limited time discount of just 50L (found in the skin enhancement room).

Also discounted in the enhancement room are the eyebrow dye's. I plan to release skin specific dye's in the future so the current dye's will be discontinued.

Don't miss out on these holiday savings! The sale will end the night of December 18th!

And yes! There is more.... there's also a 10L *unisex* gift set out for the "With Love Hunt... again".  The hunt hint is "New clothes are always hidden treasures" This gift will be out until Jan 6th.


Pucker up!

New release, Pucker Up, features a casual outfit with tons of style. Sleeves & neck are both sculpted and your outfit package will include the optional leggings as well.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Milly - Loved 2
Teeth: Tulli -Parted Lips
hair: Truth - Linda
hair band: Miel - Tulip Headband
shoes: G-Field - Square Toe Shoes
accessories: Paper Couture - Times Square Ring, Glow Studio - Dove Necklace

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I really loved the style of this skirt so there's also additional recolors sold separately by the new outfit for you to mix n' match with other outfits.

You can now find Payton and the Broken Pearls necklace that was featured at the Vintage Fair in the main store.


Thief Caught!

Every designer, at some point, has to deal with a thief. It's incredibly disappointing to see the textures I hand painted and spent hours, weeks, even months to complete stolen out from underneath me. What makes it worse is when you confront the person and they claim to love your product yet stole from you.

I take every claim of copybotting seriously, and when it was pointed out to me that the store "Felony" was selling my textures I hopped right over. What really disappointed me though was finding the creators profile, Feline Dagger, to also have used my Teegan picture (which is also the skin she stole and renamed "Cassidy") as her own photo with modifications. How do I know it was definitely my picture and not just a remake? Easy, this picture features hand painted fly aways extending from the hair.

Please help designers combat piracy and don't support the thieves!


New outfit + Holiday Special

There's lots new in store for you! First up is the new boho inspired outfit, Tulip! Tulip is a classic floral skirt along with a sculpted warm colored jacket and tinted leggings.

 Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Lily
hair: Truth - Marianne
hair band: Nylon Outfitters - Pixie Cut Headband
shoes: (AMD) Snuggies - Tan
accessories: Label Mode - Minerva Rings, LaGyo - Ewa Ram earrings, Miel - Sen Necklace

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Wanting more colors than just shown in the outfit? There's also two additional skirts and three additional jacket options sold separately by the new outfit.

As a holiday special you can also find a festive recolor of the lingerie, Tess. This holiday special doesn't have the overlaying sheer tank but includes the yummy candy cane, holiday bangles to match, and the "Perfect Gift" tattoo. You can find this outfit on a special discount through the month of December for just 100L. If you're apart of the Applisious group you can grab this outfit for FREE in the group notice history.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Lily
hair: Magika - Sophie
shoes: (AMD) Snuggies - Red
accessories: (AMD) Sloppy Pearls, Holiday Bangles (included with outfit)
candycane: Included with outfit :)

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