Cyber Monday Mania!

Cyber monday is the internets "Black Friday" of shopping and so brings new savings at Apple May Designs! Starting at midnight (SLT) tonight you can find brand new items on discount like the new Snuggies! Snuggies come in 6 different colors, each including white OR black fur. You can find Snuggies in the new items and for half off for monday only.

Also new in the body shop are the "Sister" skins Milly & Lily... on discount of course! You can find these skins for just 225L for this special one day sale. Lily comes in just the bare skin packs while Milly comes in both the bare & Loved make up packs also just 225L.

Hurry though, this one day sale ends soon!


New outfit Tru + Gift!

New outfit, Tru, is a great versatile outfit for cold or warm weather fashion. Tru is a grey subtle stripe dress with a two tier skirt and, just because I thought it was cute, sculpted scarf.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Atalise - Allure 3
lipstick: (AMD) GiGi Lipsticks - Defiance 2
hair: Fr.Day - Tatum
shoes: Anexx (Aoharu) - KnitLegwarmers & heels
accessories: N-Creation - Candy metallic bracelets
earmuffs: Chapeau tres Mignon - Bunny Ear Muffs

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Whether you're celebrating the holidays or not I'm thankful for each and every one of my customers, and to show you that I've put out a little winter weather gift for you all in store. Mittens on a String comes in two colors, each set for just 10L but only through black friday. If you're apart of the Applisious group you can find BOTH of these for free in the group notice history.


Cha-Cha-Cha-Cherry Bomb!

So I was watching a particular movie and it inspired a self themed outfit, Cherry Bomb! This outfit includes the shiny leggings & sculpted belt. The top also works if you'd rather just wear it as a dress, but my original intention was for a longer tank top.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) GiGi - Vibrant 4
hair: Vive9 - Freja
glasses: Shade Throne - The Wow glasses
shoes: GoS - Storm Sandal
accessories: (AMD) Contemporary Bangles, (AMD) Popstar Ring (was a hunt gift during halloween)

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New outfit, Aristocrat, features fall style with boho flare. The outfit includes the sculpted jacket & optional tinted leggings. The jacket does pack a resize script but IS modify for personal fittings. Your package will also include an optional alpha layer for any poke throughs.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Catalina - Starbust 2
lipstick: (AMD) GiGi Lipsticks - Defiance 1
hair: Lelutka - Victoria
hair accessory: Nylon Outfitters - Pixie Cut Bow Headband
shoes: ISON - Block platform bootie (brown)
accessories: Label Mode - Minerva Rings

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Vintage Fair begins & New skin for just 10L!

If you haven't heard, the vintage fair begins today (the 11th) at 4pm SLT. At the fair you can find AMD with some new exclusive items!

It wouldn't be AMD unless I did a sultry twist on the classic laced dress. This vintage inspired outfit, Payton, is detailed with a lace front and an open back. The perfect amount of skin showing in a classy way.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Giselle - Runway 1
hair: Exile - Valerie
shoes: Maitreya - Espirit
accessories: (AMD) Broken Backwards Pearls, (AMD) Vintage Bangles

The matching accessory can also be found at the Vintage Fair. These Backwards Broken Pearls are my nod to the vintage necklace and go perfectly with the new outfit.

Of course it wouldn't be AMD unless I threw you through some sort of loop right? So in the MAIN store you can find the beautiful new face, Eliza! Eliza in the Bare packs (only) are discounted to just 10L for this weekend only! Grab it quick... the weekends always fly by!

Also available is the Just the Lips make up option. This make up pack is different then the others, rather then a whole new face of make up I've provided this make up pack with a variety of 4 different lipsticks giving you the freedom for a unique look thanks to tattoo layers. Even better, the price also reflects this change.


New make up pack & Outfit!

New make up pack for the popular skin, Catalina! The Nightly pack features 4 unique make up combination's with smokey eyeshadows and vibrant lipsticks.

In addition to the make up pack you can also find the new sultry outfit, Vera. Vera features an ultra low cut striped dress with sculpted bell sleeves and a micro prim skirt. The dress comes with the options for the solid underlying laced bra or sheer if you're feeling a bit mischievous.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Catalina - Nightly 2
hair: Exile - Valerie
shoes: Pixel Mode - Baby T Shoe
accessories: (AMD) Ivana Cameo Necklace, (AMD) Popstar Ring - Black (part of Halloween hunt), Paper Couture - Times Square Ring, Glow Stuido - Indian Summer Earrings

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Hump Day Treat: Joy!

New release to help you through this weeks humpday! Joy creates the classic black & white look in style with a high waist pencil skirt with only the mid section created with mesh. This creates the flexibility beloved with meshes but with out the requirement of adjusting your shape. Included with your purchase is the sculpted belt, optional spotted leggings, and scarf.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Kat - Nitro 3
hair: Lelutka - Addison
hair accessory: (AMD) Cara Hair Accessory (included with the outfit Cara)
shoes: G Field - Square Toe Pumps
accessories: (AMD) B&W Pearls Bracelets

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