Trick or Treat!

Happy early Halloween! This year AMD is hosting it's own little halloween hunt filled with lots of goodies all set for 1L each. Of course the mischeivious holiday wouldn't be the same with out a little game involved... each treat is packed in a pumpkin which is hidden somewhere in the AMD main store and/or bodyshop. Find all the pumpkins and stock your inventory full of this years goodies. Find the signs in store for an example pumpkin.

  • Halloween Queen Skin (in gothly tone only)
  • Spiderella Make up (requires tattoo compatible layer)
  • Popstar Sculpted Rings in 4 colors (each hidden separately)
  • Halloween special edition of Spooky
To add to the trickery the pumpkins will also be periodically moved around the store, however, to simplify things we'll be keeping the same amount of pumpkins in the main shop & in the bodyshop. At all times you can know there will be 4 pumpkins in the main store and 3 pumpkins in the bodyshop. Please remember to look all over downstairs AND upstairs.

Also, tomorrow you can look forward to the new week of Chic Boutique and can find a special edition of the Popstar rings. Please know the Chic Boutique is not open today but will open tomorrow.


1 comment:

  1. Love the nighty and the spiderweb makeup, but I can't find the skin, it looks so great with that hair in the pic, and I really like the black hair as well! Great hunt, I will have to go back and try and find the skin