1L gift, Discount Shop + MORE make up!

I've extended the skin discount until August 21st! If you haven't seen what's available for just 199L please click here.

The "Your Inner Bunny Hunt" has started! In participation of this event I've hidden a special version of the GiGi skin (in all 7 skin tones) in a carrot :) Find this carrot and this beautiful rendition of GiGi is yours for just 1L.

The your YIBH doesn't stop there (or start for that matter)... for a list of participating venue's please visit their blog by clicking here.

The fun doesn't stop there, visit the Chic Boutique Discount Shop to pick up the newest pair of prim lashes (not alpha!) which include the black eyeliner shown for just 55L.

Plus new lipsticks & make up options in the body store! Please know the lipsticks are being sold by their corresponding skin and the eye shadows are located on the opposite wall by the cleavage enhancers... there will be a new room dedicated to the enhancers soon. **If you're apart of the Applisious group you can find the Shimmer pack for FREE in group notice history along with an exclusive 'Over the Rainbow' version of Teegan**

Also new is the bold lipsticks for GiGi & Ziyi. While these additions are meant for the skins they may also work for others, please always try a demo!