Kat & ElectroPop

New outfit ElectroPop can be sweet or sour! Your package will include both graphic tops shown below:

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Kat - Nitro 4
blush: (AMD) Blush - Rosey
eyeliner: (AMd) Retro Shimmers - Love
hair: Fri.day - Brande
shoes: NCORE - CoQuette- Fuschia
accessories: Glow Stuido - Sevilla Earrings, EY:NO - Butterflies on ME, June Trenkins - Candy Necklace

There's also a new face in store! Kat comes in both the bare skin tone for just 575L or as a 4 pack make up option. I made Kat for more of a punky skin need but as you can see it also pulls off the sweet look as well.

Congratulations to the follow winners! For purchasing last weeks release "Splatter" they won Kat in both the base skin tone & Nitro in ALL 7 skin tones! Enjoy!

JenJen Delicioso
Kisme Goodnight
Kandy Nowles
Alyssa Cannned
Liz Harley
Roary Mystiere
Beaunciea Silvercloud 
Cisali Naidoo
Ashanti Harvy
Laila Joszp 



If you can't tell I love pink! The Splatter outfit sports pink in a fun punky way. The shorts sport a decorative & classic skull & rose along with a green heart. Both the tank top & denim shorts feature slight stains for a worn look.

By purchasing this new outfit you'll be entered in a drawing for a chance to win the new face coming to AMD this week... for FREE. Read below for more info ;)

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Teegan - Paper Doll (soon to be released)
hair: Truth - Astrid
shoes: Urban Bomb Unit - PinPsycho Boots
tattoo: Dark&Burn - Musical Notes
accessories: Pepper - Cute Fanny Pack, N-Creations - Candy Metallic Jewelr
Tongue: Cobrahive

Also, there's a new face coming to AMD. With the next release I'll announce 10 random lucky winners to receive the skin in both the base & the make up pack for free! So what's the catch... these lucky winners will be drawn from the purchases of this new outfit!

In order to enter the drawing your purchase of the new outfit 'Splatter' must be made by wed the 31st either in store or through the marketplace


10L Sale on the new Jenica outfit + A new face to AMD!

Brand new outfit Jenica is on sale for just 10L, but for 24 hours only! Jenica includes the optional sculpted jacket as well... all for just 10L!

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Atalise Allure 1
make up: (AMD) GiGi Lipsticks - Defiance 4
hair: Magika - Hanna Roots
shoes: Maitreya Gold - Espirit
accessories: Carolines Knotted Black Pearl Necklace, June Trenkins - Candy Necklace

Plus there's a new face in the body shop of AMD, Atalise! Atalise comes in the option for a bare skin (for just 575L) or as a make up pack which includes 4 different make up combinations. Each pack also includes the optional beauty mark.


1L gift, Discount Shop + MORE make up!

I've extended the skin discount until August 21st! If you haven't seen what's available for just 199L please click here.

The "Your Inner Bunny Hunt" has started! In participation of this event I've hidden a special version of the GiGi skin (in all 7 skin tones) in a carrot :) Find this carrot and this beautiful rendition of GiGi is yours for just 1L.

The your YIBH doesn't stop there (or start for that matter)... for a list of participating venue's please visit their blog by clicking here.

The fun doesn't stop there, visit the Chic Boutique Discount Shop to pick up the newest pair of prim lashes (not alpha!) which include the black eyeliner shown for just 55L.

Plus new lipsticks & make up options in the body store! Please know the lipsticks are being sold by their corresponding skin and the eye shadows are located on the opposite wall by the cleavage enhancers... there will be a new room dedicated to the enhancers soon. **If you're apart of the Applisious group you can find the Shimmer pack for FREE in group notice history along with an exclusive 'Over the Rainbow' version of Teegan**

Also new is the bold lipsticks for GiGi & Ziyi. While these additions are meant for the skins they may also work for others, please always try a demo!


Two new outfits with a theme... Suspenders!

Two new outfits in store with a common theme... suspenders! Each outfit comes with suspenders in two sizes: regular and large for the bustier shapes out there. It's been a long time since the outfit, Veronica, but I still have requests for an outfit redo. So Nika has a similar theme with some new modern twists to it.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) GiGi - Surprise!
make up: (AMD) Cat Eye
hair: Maitreya - Jordyn
shoes: Urban Bomb Unit (UBU) PornStar Xtra High-Tops
accessories: Pepper - Pearth Feather Necklace

If sultry barely there outfits aren't your style there's also something in store for you! Professor walks the line of professional and sexy, this new outfit features shorter suspenders with a belted babydoll skirt and an optional sculpted tie... oh and of course the socks are included as well!

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Teegan Tan
eyeshadow: elegant epiffany - Fresh
eyeliner: LeeL
hair: Action - Brooke
shoes: G Field - Square Toe Shoes

Don't forget about the make up special either released last week. There's still one more week to get your hands on the new make up packs for just 199L!


FIVE new looks for 199L!

Five new make up packs to the beautiful faces of AMD! Grab each of the new make up packs in your desired skin tone for just 199L for a limited time! Sale ends the night of August 19th.

The new make up lines: Tonic, Bare, Galaxy, Dark Wishes, and Tuesday will be on discount in the body store for two weeks only!