New skin + brand new body and SALE!

There's a brand new face in store, Ziyi! If you're apart of the Applisious group you can find the base skin for FREE in notice history! Ziyi comes as both the base skin along with the Earthy make up packs all of which feature the new body style. All previous faces for the Generation 2 skin lines have also been upgraded to this new body style which means.... sale! Read on...
Now that all previous faces have been upgraded to the new body style I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to upgrade their current skins with out breaking the bank so I've provided two ways to do so. ALL generation 2 skins have been discounted 25% for one week only. Allowing you the time to update your current folders OR you can purchase the new body style as a tattoo layer to just replace the old body style. Either option is a good way to save! Yes! Ziyi is also apart of the 25% discount!

The 25% off skin sale will last for one week only, ending on July 3rd.

Also, incase you are wondering... the previous cleavage enhancers are still compatible with the current body style. They have since been exchanged out but there's no real need for you to upgrade your current folders.