50L new summer dress & two new necklaces!

New outfit Breezy can be found in store at the special price of 50L for this week only! The fat pack will include an additional 25% off.

Also new is the necklace used for the picture above, Hemp n' Beads, which can be found in the lucky apple for FREE. The lucky apple can be found in the main store and when you're letter is call all you do is take a seat to receive your gift.

If you don't usually enjoy lucky chairs you can purchase the necklace by the new outfit.

Also on discount is the new Dragon Fly necklace available at the TFG venue for just 50L.
 Finally the last lucky apple gift, the Hot Mess prim lashes can be purchased in the body shop along side of the other body add on's. For those of you who've asked these are lashes I used in practically all my ads.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Arabell - Tan
hair: Vive Nine - Wang
shoes: SLink - Jolie
accessories: (AMD) Hemp n' Beads necklace, Star Fashion - Brown Kashmir Bracelets