New skin + brand new body and SALE!

There's a brand new face in store, Ziyi! If you're apart of the Applisious group you can find the base skin for FREE in notice history! Ziyi comes as both the base skin along with the Earthy make up packs all of which feature the new body style. All previous faces for the Generation 2 skin lines have also been upgraded to this new body style which means.... sale! Read on...
Now that all previous faces have been upgraded to the new body style I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to upgrade their current skins with out breaking the bank so I've provided two ways to do so. ALL generation 2 skins have been discounted 25% for one week only. Allowing you the time to update your current folders OR you can purchase the new body style as a tattoo layer to just replace the old body style. Either option is a good way to save! Yes! Ziyi is also apart of the 25% discount!

The 25% off skin sale will last for one week only, ending on July 3rd.

Also, incase you are wondering... the previous cleavage enhancers are still compatible with the current body style. They have since been exchanged out but there's no real need for you to upgrade your current folders.


Manic Monday Sale on today's NEW releases!

MANIC MONDAY SALE! Special discount through tuesday night only! Grab today's new releases half off. Hurry, ends soon!
Brand new outfit Jersey Girl is a sassy tight dress with an over the shoulder sculpted prim and sculpted ribbon (optional). The ribbon comes as it's own attachment as well as attached to the micro skirt. Available in two colors.

 Get the Look:
skin: (On Golden Sage): (AMD) Heather - Tan, (On Electric): (AMD) Arabell Cat Eye - Tan
hair: (On Golden Sage): Lelutka Addison, (On Electric): Magika - Sinner
shoes: (AMD) Animal Pumps
accessories: (On Golden Sage) Paper Couture - Pearl Strand Set, MOOD - Pangani Bangles, (On Electric): (AMD) Confusion Necklace, (AMD) Tiered Bangles
Glasses: FNKY: Juicy Sunglasses

To complete the Jersey Girl look I've made a set of Animal Pumps to go along with the outfit. Along with the two patterns used for the picture (Giraffe & Dark Leopard) there is also Dalmatian and Snow Leopard.

And hidden in a little leaf for the summer breeze is a recolor of the Polka Me outfit... for free of course!


New outfit + another 50L Necklace and NEW template!

 It's the remaining days of the Breezy Dress sale! If you haven't stopped by to pick up this awesome summer dress for just 50L be sure to do so by monday
I love polka dots! I'm always trying to think of ways to mix it up in a new design for ya and Polka Me brings a new life to the lovely dots! Available in both Black & White along with Navy, the belt is attached to your sculpted skirt.
Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Heather - Smokey
hair: - Brande
shoes: G Field - Ribbon Slingback
sunglasses: DECO Swank Glasses (hunt item)
accessories: (AMD) Sloppy Pearls

For anyone inspiring to be their own fashion designer, I've released another new template!
Please remember that templates are available for purchase only on the SL Marketplace. NOT in store.

Also new is the Pebbles & Dreams necklace available at the Chic Boutique Venue for just 50L. Limited time so hurry!


50L new summer dress & two new necklaces!

New outfit Breezy can be found in store at the special price of 50L for this week only! The fat pack will include an additional 25% off.

Also new is the necklace used for the picture above, Hemp n' Beads, which can be found in the lucky apple for FREE. The lucky apple can be found in the main store and when you're letter is call all you do is take a seat to receive your gift.

If you don't usually enjoy lucky chairs you can purchase the necklace by the new outfit.

Also on discount is the new Dragon Fly necklace available at the TFG venue for just 50L.
 Finally the last lucky apple gift, the Hot Mess prim lashes can be purchased in the body shop along side of the other body add on's. For those of you who've asked these are lashes I used in practically all my ads.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Arabell - Tan
hair: Vive Nine - Wang
shoes: SLink - Jolie
accessories: (AMD) Hemp n' Beads necklace, Star Fashion - Brown Kashmir Bracelets


New outfit + TWO new templates!

So the socks used in the last outfit, Summer Blossom had me inspired to create something that's perfect to wear with just socks. Night After is just that! It features a frumpy unbuttoned sculpted top perfect for the look like you just threw 'his' shirt on. Even better, your package includes all 3 colored tops. 


 Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Teegan - Steamy Peachy
hair: Fri.Day - Tatum 2
shoes: Maitreya - Scrunched Socks
accessories: (AMD) Contemporary Bangles, MOOD: PacMania Earrings
, Pepper - Key to my Heart

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It's been awhile and after many requests to release more of them I'm introducing TWO new templates for those of you who'd like to create your own clothing line. Please know that these templates can only be found on the marketplace and NOT in store.

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