Redo's and Newdo's!

Hey all!
Now that the Pure Juice event is over the outfit Nadia has joined the other outfits in the main store. It also includes the bangles that were free at the event.

Also to join the store is the soft and beautiful Arabell skin along with a new make up pack CatEye.

I've been on a roll with skin's... so many looks I want to accomplish that I've sort of become a bit OCD about it all. Completely new in store is the Misha skin line in both the base skin as well as the Inspiration make up line which includes 4 different colorful versions.

I also want to start a fun new trend with each release.... since most outfits/skins tend to be a female name I'd like to make an offer to any avatars that name's match the new release. Only catch? Your free gift must be redeemed with in 48 hours of the new release. Simply create a new notecard named "Claim free gift - (Your Name)" and send it to myself, Apple May. In order to redeem your free gift the name of the release must match your true name and NOT your display name.
So if your avatar name is either Arabell, Nadia, or Misha... be the first to claim the corresponding release for FREE!
Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Arabell - CatEye
hair: Ploom - Meela
shoes: Magika - Slinky Stiletto's
accessories: Included
Arabell Skin Hair Used: Action
Misha Skin Hair Used: MagikaRedo's and Newdo's!