New skin line Kyra, addtional make ups, and Prim Lashes!

Brand new in the body shop is a new skin line + nano prim lashes! Great to fill out your lash look with out glitching with the alpha texture of your hair!

Kyra comes in 7 skin tones, each including two optional cleavage enhancements. In addtional to the Kyra skin line, there is also two new packs of make up in store. Another universal pack of eyeshadows along with 4 addtional lipsticks for Kyra. While these lips were made ideally for the Kyra skin line you can also try the demo to see if they fit another skin.

Stack these new nano prim lashes ontop of your lash tattoo layer (also in the body shop) for a full lustrous lash look. These lashes are made from actual prims instead of an alpha layer so no more twitchy hair textures when wearing them!

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  1. Nice post. Everyone woman wishes she had beautiful and longer lashes.