75L NEW skin, outfit, and FREE bangles!

This week's release is a little bit different... but none the less stylish and fun.
You can find these new releases at a discount price during the Pure Juice event that started today show casing myself and other designers with never before released items.
First up, which I'm most excited about.. is a brand new skin to the AMD line. It features a brand new realistic body and face with a soft subtle silky shine, it's Arabell! What's even better is the price! You can grab the base Arabell skin line in ALL 7 shades for just 75L at the pure juice venue ONLY.

Along with the great new skin line is a new outfit, Nadia also just 75L.

To finish off the look to your new Nadia outfit is a pair of FREE Contemporary bangles!

So I'm not done yet, yes you can tell I've been busy, but new in store at the AMD bodyshop is the tattoo layer eyeshadow for any skin, Cat Eye. Demo's are provided.