Weekend goodies just 25L!

Hey all!

As a special gift for you all this weekend I've marked today's release at just 25L! Yes, everything is just 25L for this weekend only! Sale ends monday night, the 25th of April so hurry!

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Misha Fantasy - Pale
hair: Fri.Day - Brande
shoes: *GF* - Square Toe Shoes "Sophie"
accessories: (AMD) - B&W Pearls

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Misha Inspiration 4
hair: Lelutka - Addison
shoes: *GF* - Ribbon Slingback Shoes
nails: EY:NO - Colorful Nails
accessories: Pink Fuel - Yum bubblegum, Pink Fuel - Bottle Charm Necklace,  EY:NO - Butterflies on me set


Goodies and Newbies

Brand new in store is the brand new outfit Farrah. It's a twist on the popular stripe dress leaving you feeling sexy but classy.

Get the Look:

skin: (AMD) Misha - Inspiration
hair: Lelutka - Addison
hair accessory: (AMD) Zaida hair accesssory (comes with the outfit Zaida)
shoes: Canimal (pretty sure this store closed, I'm not positive though) - Gothdamn Stiletto's
accessories: (AMD) Study jewerly

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I know it's been awhile since the clothing fair but I've finally put Vodka, Martini, and Whiskey in the main store!

Get the Look:

skin: (AMD) Arabell – CatEye
LipStick – Katey (Drama)
hair: Action – Brooke
shoes: Abyss – NAU Combat Boots
accessories: (AMD) Broken Bangles, (NS) – Rockn’Rolla Chain, Atomic – Belled Collar

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Get the Look:

skin: (AMD) Arabell – CatEye (Coming soon)
hair: Lelutka – Addison
accessories: (AMD) Contemporary Bangles *Free at the pure juice event!* (NS) – Rockn’Rolla Chain, Atomic – Belled Collar

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Get the Look:

skin: (AMD) - Arabell
hair: Action - Brooke

Buy Online: Pink, Blue


Cleavage Enhancers + Kami!

I've been promising this since the release of the Generation two skin line and they're finally here! Three different optional for cleavage enhancers. Each package includes all 7 skin tones, that way if you choose to change your tone you still have those wonderful booba's!

Also, new in the main shop is the outfit Kami. Kami features a decorated tank top with detailed denim shorts that have a bit of lace trimming the bottom. Kami includes the optional sculpted open jacket but please know, as with all sculpted prims, they are AO sensitive! You may also need to slightly adjust your bust size. I've included the numbers used for the ideal bust shape to fit this jacket in with your purchase.

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Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Misha Inspiration 4
eyeshadow: (AMD) Eyeshadows Pack 2 - Catwalk
hair: Truth - Romy
shoes: MIEL - Far Boots
accessories: MIEL - Echo Necklace
tattoo: Aitui - The bombing at pearl harbor


Redo's and Newdo's!

Hey all!
Now that the Pure Juice event is over the outfit Nadia has joined the other outfits in the main store. It also includes the bangles that were free at the event.

Also to join the store is the soft and beautiful Arabell skin along with a new make up pack CatEye.

I've been on a roll with skin's... so many looks I want to accomplish that I've sort of become a bit OCD about it all. Completely new in store is the Misha skin line in both the base skin as well as the Inspiration make up line which includes 4 different colorful versions.

I also want to start a fun new trend with each release.... since most outfits/skins tend to be a female name I'd like to make an offer to any avatars that name's match the new release. Only catch? Your free gift must be redeemed with in 48 hours of the new release. Simply create a new notecard named "Claim free gift - (Your Name)" and send it to myself, Apple May. In order to redeem your free gift the name of the release must match your true name and NOT your display name.
So if your avatar name is either Arabell, Nadia, or Misha... be the first to claim the corresponding release for FREE!
Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Arabell - CatEye
hair: Ploom - Meela
shoes: Magika - Slinky Stiletto's
accessories: Included
Arabell Skin Hair Used: Action
Misha Skin Hair Used: MagikaRedo's and Newdo's!


Gaia 25L Skin SALE!

New release, Gaia is available in both a base skin line as well as a 4 pack make up options both for just 25L! Hurry, this sale won't last!

Also, you'll probably notice that the AMD body shop has changed locations. You can easily teleport using the street sign in the main landing area or by click here.
Along with the new skin is the first pack of eyebrow dye's. Please be sure to grab a demo before purchasing.


New Heather skin line!

Have you grabbed Arabell for just 75L yet? If not, hop on over to the Pure Juice event before it's too late!
In store there is also another new face featuring the new body style, Heather. It comes in 7 skin tones each featuring 4 different make up options with a smokey eyeshadow.

If you're already apart of the AMD update group keep an eye out for the demo package that willl be delivered to you.


75L NEW skin, outfit, and FREE bangles!

This week's release is a little bit different... but none the less stylish and fun.
You can find these new releases at a discount price during the Pure Juice event that started today show casing myself and other designers with never before released items.
First up, which I'm most excited about.. is a brand new skin to the AMD line. It features a brand new realistic body and face with a soft subtle silky shine, it's Arabell! What's even better is the price! You can grab the base Arabell skin line in ALL 7 shades for just 75L at the pure juice venue ONLY.

Along with the great new skin line is a new outfit, Nadia also just 75L.

To finish off the look to your new Nadia outfit is a pair of FREE Contemporary bangles!

So I'm not done yet, yes you can tell I've been busy, but new in store at the AMD bodyshop is the tattoo layer eyeshadow for any skin, Cat Eye. Demo's are provided.


Neko + New FREE lucky chair gift!

Guess what?! There's a new FREE gift in the luck chair... finally... right? It's a never before released variation of Katey with running mascara, dark shadow, and smeared lip stick... appropriately named Bad Night. The gift includes all 7 skin tones.

The lucky chair is located in the entry sitting area of the main store. The lucky letter is set to change every 10 min :)
Brand new outfit Neko features my original intent with the sculpted jacket :D On the jacket you'll find punky little pins like a wacky smiley, evil bunny, and safety pins. The skirt is also sculpted with an optional sculpted belt.

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Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Katey
hair: Truth - Paige
hair band: Miel - AM Tulip
shoes: Zero Number - Wo Boots
accessories: (AMD)Contemporary Bangles (will be released at the pure juice event)



Brand new outfit perfect as we transition to cold to warmer weather (at least for the area I'm in). Julian features a unique patterned flexi skirt, laced trimmed contrasting tank, and optional sculpted jacket with an over sized neckline to top it all off. Absolute must have!

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Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Katey (with Drama lipstick)
hair: Truth - Paige
shoes: J's - Long Boots Round
accessories: (AMD) Wooden Butterfly Jewelry, Earthtones - Gimme those Wood Bangles


FREE V Day Special Skin + Goth Eyeshadows and new outfit!

As my special valentine gift to you all I've put out a special edition skin for FREE! Grab all 7 skin tones in either the main store or in the body shop. This gift will be picked up on the 15th so be sure to stop by and grab it before then!

Also new in the body shop is the new Goth Eyeshadows. The pack includes two versions of running mascara on top of a basic black eyeshadow. Demo's are provided.

And if that's not enough fun for you there is also a new outfit in store! Ironically I intended this outfit to be a formal dress... I'm sure I'll get to that in the future, I hope. Gemma is available in two colors along with a fat pack with 25% off your purchase!

Get the Look:
In Black:
skin: (AMD) Brielle
hair: Deviant Kitties (Now Ploom) - Annika
shoes: Redgrave - Girls Biker Boots
accessories: (NS) Jewelry, Kitten Kreations Cross Dagger
In Red:
skin: (AMD) Katey
hair: Truth - Reese
shoes: Armidi - Kyoto Boots
accessories: (AMD) Tiered Bangles


Katey Skin Line Sale + Drama Lips

Brand new skin line in the AMD Body Shop! Katey features a cross between cutesy and sultry and is available in both the base skin along with the Drama make up line. Along with the new skin, the shape used for the Katey skin is also for sale!

Please note that the Drama make up packs are at regular price! The sale applies to just the base skin line.

Add even more drama to your make up with the new lip stick line for Katey as well with bold dramatic colors!



The new outfit Brittany had me inspired to create some lingerie which I don't do too often. Burlesque features a risque lingerie set that comes in separate layers for the bra, panties, and corset. You also have the option for lace attachments or you can choose to wear the outfit with out the lace attachments.
As a TGIF special I've discounted Burlesque in Purple (only!) to just 25L for tonight only! Hurry, this special discount will end in the morning!

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Brielle
hair: Truth - Brit (Red), Truth - Veronica (Purple)
shoes: Maitreya - Slinky Stiletto's
accessories: Bonita Pearls



New in store is the trendy outfit Brittany! It's made with a lace adorned bra along with a linked black corset.
Buy Online

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Brielle
hair: Truth - Brit
hair accessory: Cara hair accessory (included w/ cara in store)
shoes: (AMD) - Cutest Flats
accessories: (AMD) Sloppy Pearls, (AMD) Study Necklace & Bracelet


Brielle skin just 25L!

The new sultry skin, Brielle, is now for sale and for a limited time you can get it for just 25L! This sale will end Saturday evening Jan 22nd... so hurry on over to the body shop!
Also, the shapes used can now be demo'd and bought above the corresponding skins for Emily, Kyra, Ava, and Brielle.

Lashes used: (AMD) Ultimate Lashes - Runway


Ava Doll Like, Penelop, and Template 5!

First off is a new make up pack for the much loved Ava skin line! This time it's a bit more cutesy.. well... doll like to be precise. Each color tone includes 4 make up options along with two optional cleavage enhancements.

Jive was one of AMD's best sellers, although it's retired now I've remade it with Penelope, a new twist and a bit more flare. Click here to Buy Online.

Also, for those you who've been inspired to create your own fashion line for business or personal I've added a new template for ya! Please keep in mind these templates are available only on the market place.  Click here to buy online.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Ava - Doll Like
hair: Truth - Lourdes
shoes: Tip Toe - Black Pumps
accessories: Paper Couture - Black Pearl Set


Ava Skin Line

Another skin line has launched in the AMD body shop!

Unlike the last two releases I'm releasing Ava with both the base skin line for those that love to create a unique look throught tattoo layered make up as well as a Lustrous make up line in all 7 skin tones.

Each skin tone includes 4 different make up combinations along with two optional cleavage enhancements. If you enjoyed the Emily skin line but wished there was make up packs for that skin as well... your wish has come true! Emily now has 4 make up options as well!


New skin line Kyra, addtional make ups, and Prim Lashes!

Brand new in the body shop is a new skin line + nano prim lashes! Great to fill out your lash look with out glitching with the alpha texture of your hair!

Kyra comes in 7 skin tones, each including two optional cleavage enhancements. In addtional to the Kyra skin line, there is also two new packs of make up in store. Another universal pack of eyeshadows along with 4 addtional lipsticks for Kyra. While these lips were made ideally for the Kyra skin line you can also try the demo to see if they fit another skin.

Stack these new nano prim lashes ontop of your lash tattoo layer (also in the body shop) for a full lustrous lash look. These lashes are made from actual prims instead of an alpha layer so no more twitchy hair textures when wearing them!