Cougar... rawr!

I decided to go back to my jersey roots this week and bring you all something with animal print. As always I try to walk the line of sultry and classy and Cougar is just that. This mini dress features a sculpted top adorned with a black bow to contrast the animal print.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Lily - Flare 4
hair: Vive9 - Karlie
shoes: Pixel Mode (PM) - Baby T's
accessories: Mandala - Milkyway ring, Creamshop - Glam earring

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It's been awhile since I've done any sort of mash ups and with all the requests for skirts similar to Pucker Up it gave me an idea. This fun little outfit, Happy, features my favorite fabric... polka dots! Something about polka dots always makes me want to wear red shoes and the bow in the hair made the perfect accessory. Happy includes the sculpted belt seen in the picture.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Milly - Loved 1
hair: Truth - Lucia
shoes: Stiletto Moody - Ruby Sling backs
accessories: (AMD) - Ivana Cameo Necklace, Atelier AM - Ball necklace, Mandala - Milkyway Ring

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Recently on the AMD facebook page I was asked to bring back some of the past AMD holiday wear. While I wish I could have redone all of the outfits I did complete one of my favorites, Holiday! The new version, Holidays, keeps the same classy yet sexy look with a ton more detail! Realistic fur lines the skirt and the sleeves and the outfit is available in both red and green. Both color packs include the matching hair bow as well.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Milly - Loved 2
hair: Magika - Dara
hair band: Included with outfit
shoes: (Green) Juicy Slingbacks - Pea Green, G Field - Ribbon Sling back - Red
accessories: Alienbear - Sassy II White

If you're apart of the Applisious group you can find the green version of this outfit for FREE in group notice history.

Happy Holidays!


Huge Holiday Sale on skins & enhancements!

Huge release today with a special holiday discount!

In the body shop you can find four new make up additions to some of the favorite faces of AMD: Lily, Giselle, Kat, and Zoey. As a special holiday discount you can find each one of the packs for just 99L for a limited time!

 You'll also notice something new specifically with Lily, it's the new Body B option! Body B will be featured on some future AMD skins as well as Body A (the current body of AMD skins) depending on the style of the skin. Either way YOU have the option to customize your look with the new body tattoo's which can be worn over your current skin. You can find BOTH of these body styles on sale for just 99L.

**If you're in the Applisious group you can find Body B as your FREE gift in group notice history**

So what about your cleavage enhancers? There are minor changes to the bust so your current ones work fine, if you wish to upgrade I've set out the Body B enhancers for a limited time discount of just 50L (found in the skin enhancement room).

Also discounted in the enhancement room are the eyebrow dye's. I plan to release skin specific dye's in the future so the current dye's will be discontinued.

Don't miss out on these holiday savings! The sale will end the night of December 18th!

And yes! There is more.... there's also a 10L *unisex* gift set out for the "With Love Hunt... again".  The hunt hint is "New clothes are always hidden treasures" This gift will be out until Jan 6th.


Pucker up!

New release, Pucker Up, features a casual outfit with tons of style. Sleeves & neck are both sculpted and your outfit package will include the optional leggings as well.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Milly - Loved 2
Teeth: Tulli -Parted Lips
hair: Truth - Linda
hair band: Miel - Tulip Headband
shoes: G-Field - Square Toe Shoes
accessories: Paper Couture - Times Square Ring, Glow Studio - Dove Necklace

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I really loved the style of this skirt so there's also additional recolors sold separately by the new outfit for you to mix n' match with other outfits.

You can now find Payton and the Broken Pearls necklace that was featured at the Vintage Fair in the main store.


Thief Caught!

Every designer, at some point, has to deal with a thief. It's incredibly disappointing to see the textures I hand painted and spent hours, weeks, even months to complete stolen out from underneath me. What makes it worse is when you confront the person and they claim to love your product yet stole from you.

I take every claim of copybotting seriously, and when it was pointed out to me that the store "Felony" was selling my textures I hopped right over. What really disappointed me though was finding the creators profile, Feline Dagger, to also have used my Teegan picture (which is also the skin she stole and renamed "Cassidy") as her own photo with modifications. How do I know it was definitely my picture and not just a remake? Easy, this picture features hand painted fly aways extending from the hair.

Please help designers combat piracy and don't support the thieves!


New outfit + Holiday Special

There's lots new in store for you! First up is the new boho inspired outfit, Tulip! Tulip is a classic floral skirt along with a sculpted warm colored jacket and tinted leggings.

 Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Lily
hair: Truth - Marianne
hair band: Nylon Outfitters - Pixie Cut Headband
shoes: (AMD) Snuggies - Tan
accessories: Label Mode - Minerva Rings, LaGyo - Ewa Ram earrings, Miel - Sen Necklace

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Wanting more colors than just shown in the outfit? There's also two additional skirts and three additional jacket options sold separately by the new outfit.

As a holiday special you can also find a festive recolor of the lingerie, Tess. This holiday special doesn't have the overlaying sheer tank but includes the yummy candy cane, holiday bangles to match, and the "Perfect Gift" tattoo. You can find this outfit on a special discount through the month of December for just 100L. If you're apart of the Applisious group you can grab this outfit for FREE in the group notice history.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Lily
hair: Magika - Sophie
shoes: (AMD) Snuggies - Red
accessories: (AMD) Sloppy Pearls, Holiday Bangles (included with outfit)
candycane: Included with outfit :)

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Cyber Monday Mania!

Cyber monday is the internets "Black Friday" of shopping and so brings new savings at Apple May Designs! Starting at midnight (SLT) tonight you can find brand new items on discount like the new Snuggies! Snuggies come in 6 different colors, each including white OR black fur. You can find Snuggies in the new items and for half off for monday only.

Also new in the body shop are the "Sister" skins Milly & Lily... on discount of course! You can find these skins for just 225L for this special one day sale. Lily comes in just the bare skin packs while Milly comes in both the bare & Loved make up packs also just 225L.

Hurry though, this one day sale ends soon!


New outfit Tru + Gift!

New outfit, Tru, is a great versatile outfit for cold or warm weather fashion. Tru is a grey subtle stripe dress with a two tier skirt and, just because I thought it was cute, sculpted scarf.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Atalise - Allure 3
lipstick: (AMD) GiGi Lipsticks - Defiance 2
hair: Fr.Day - Tatum
shoes: Anexx (Aoharu) - KnitLegwarmers & heels
accessories: N-Creation - Candy metallic bracelets
earmuffs: Chapeau tres Mignon - Bunny Ear Muffs

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Whether you're celebrating the holidays or not I'm thankful for each and every one of my customers, and to show you that I've put out a little winter weather gift for you all in store. Mittens on a String comes in two colors, each set for just 10L but only through black friday. If you're apart of the Applisious group you can find BOTH of these for free in the group notice history.


Cha-Cha-Cha-Cherry Bomb!

So I was watching a particular movie and it inspired a self themed outfit, Cherry Bomb! This outfit includes the shiny leggings & sculpted belt. The top also works if you'd rather just wear it as a dress, but my original intention was for a longer tank top.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) GiGi - Vibrant 4
hair: Vive9 - Freja
glasses: Shade Throne - The Wow glasses
shoes: GoS - Storm Sandal
accessories: (AMD) Contemporary Bangles, (AMD) Popstar Ring (was a hunt gift during halloween)

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New outfit, Aristocrat, features fall style with boho flare. The outfit includes the sculpted jacket & optional tinted leggings. The jacket does pack a resize script but IS modify for personal fittings. Your package will also include an optional alpha layer for any poke throughs.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Catalina - Starbust 2
lipstick: (AMD) GiGi Lipsticks - Defiance 1
hair: Lelutka - Victoria
hair accessory: Nylon Outfitters - Pixie Cut Bow Headband
shoes: ISON - Block platform bootie (brown)
accessories: Label Mode - Minerva Rings

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Vintage Fair begins & New skin for just 10L!

If you haven't heard, the vintage fair begins today (the 11th) at 4pm SLT. At the fair you can find AMD with some new exclusive items!

It wouldn't be AMD unless I did a sultry twist on the classic laced dress. This vintage inspired outfit, Payton, is detailed with a lace front and an open back. The perfect amount of skin showing in a classy way.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Giselle - Runway 1
hair: Exile - Valerie
shoes: Maitreya - Espirit
accessories: (AMD) Broken Backwards Pearls, (AMD) Vintage Bangles

The matching accessory can also be found at the Vintage Fair. These Backwards Broken Pearls are my nod to the vintage necklace and go perfectly with the new outfit.

Of course it wouldn't be AMD unless I threw you through some sort of loop right? So in the MAIN store you can find the beautiful new face, Eliza! Eliza in the Bare packs (only) are discounted to just 10L for this weekend only! Grab it quick... the weekends always fly by!

Also available is the Just the Lips make up option. This make up pack is different then the others, rather then a whole new face of make up I've provided this make up pack with a variety of 4 different lipsticks giving you the freedom for a unique look thanks to tattoo layers. Even better, the price also reflects this change.


New make up pack & Outfit!

New make up pack for the popular skin, Catalina! The Nightly pack features 4 unique make up combination's with smokey eyeshadows and vibrant lipsticks.

In addition to the make up pack you can also find the new sultry outfit, Vera. Vera features an ultra low cut striped dress with sculpted bell sleeves and a micro prim skirt. The dress comes with the options for the solid underlying laced bra or sheer if you're feeling a bit mischievous.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Catalina - Nightly 2
hair: Exile - Valerie
shoes: Pixel Mode - Baby T Shoe
accessories: (AMD) Ivana Cameo Necklace, (AMD) Popstar Ring - Black (part of Halloween hunt), Paper Couture - Times Square Ring, Glow Stuido - Indian Summer Earrings

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Hump Day Treat: Joy!

New release to help you through this weeks humpday! Joy creates the classic black & white look in style with a high waist pencil skirt with only the mid section created with mesh. This creates the flexibility beloved with meshes but with out the requirement of adjusting your shape. Included with your purchase is the sculpted belt, optional spotted leggings, and scarf.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Kat - Nitro 3
hair: Lelutka - Addison
hair accessory: (AMD) Cara Hair Accessory (included with the outfit Cara)
shoes: G Field - Square Toe Pumps
accessories: (AMD) B&W Pearls Bracelets

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Trick or Treat!

Happy early Halloween! This year AMD is hosting it's own little halloween hunt filled with lots of goodies all set for 1L each. Of course the mischeivious holiday wouldn't be the same with out a little game involved... each treat is packed in a pumpkin which is hidden somewhere in the AMD main store and/or bodyshop. Find all the pumpkins and stock your inventory full of this years goodies. Find the signs in store for an example pumpkin.

  • Halloween Queen Skin (in gothly tone only)
  • Spiderella Make up (requires tattoo compatible layer)
  • Popstar Sculpted Rings in 4 colors (each hidden separately)
  • Halloween special edition of Spooky
To add to the trickery the pumpkins will also be periodically moved around the store, however, to simplify things we'll be keeping the same amount of pumpkins in the main shop & in the bodyshop. At all times you can know there will be 4 pumpkins in the main store and 3 pumpkins in the bodyshop. Please remember to look all over downstairs AND upstairs.

Also, tomorrow you can look forward to the new week of Chic Boutique and can find a special edition of the Popstar rings. Please know the Chic Boutique is not open today but will open tomorrow.




Brand new cozy outfit, Haven, is a double layered top decorated with autumn leaves and a high waist skirt. The top is provided with & with out the undershirt.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Atalise - Allure 4
hair: Exile - Evette
shoes: Maitreya - Verve Pumps
accessories: (AMD) Open Sea Necklace, EarthStones - Gimmie those wood bangles, Shiny Things - Autumn Leaf anklet

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Keep your eye's open for the notice on the 30th for halloween goodies you won't want to miss!


New skin & outfit

Brand new sweet face to AMD, Giselle! Giselle is release in both the base skin tone along with the Runway make up pack.

Buy Demo Online

Also new in store is the nighty outfit, Spooky! Spooky is made with a sculpted tank and lace trimmed panties.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Giselle - Runway 3
cleavage enhancer 1
hair: Lelutka - Rykiel
hair band: (AMD) Black Night
shoes: Pixel Mode - Baby T's
accessories: Glow Studio - Indian Summer earrings

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Halloween SALE + Birthday, Tanks, & Hair band

In the spirit of Halloween I've discounted ALL costumes to just 100L until October 31st!

New spunky outfit, Birthday, features a long tight graphic tank that reads "Trust NoOne" along with torn denim crops.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) GiGI - Tan
eyeshadow: (AMD) Eyeshadow pack 2
hair: Magika - Sophie
hair band: (AMD) Black Night
shoes: M Style - Rivea Pumps
accessories: EY:NO - Cross Pearl Necklace
rings: (AMD) Heart Felt
tattoo: Aitui - Bombing at Pearl Harbor

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If you love the tank and crave more colors than I've read your mind! You can find the Birthday tanks in three additional colors sold separately.

Also new in store is the headband used to style the new outfit, Black Night Head Band. You can find this item along with the others in the new release section.

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Skinny jeans done TWO ways

Two new outfits to add to your wardrobe whether or not it's getting warm or cold where you live.

First up is Shorty, it features coal colored ultra low skinny jeans with sculpted cuffs at the bottom leg along with the sculpted belt. The outfit also includes the knit vest with or with out sleeves.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Zoey
eyeshadow: (AMD) Eyeshadow pack 1 - Smokey
hair: Vive 9 - Bruna
shoes: (AMD) Sunday Flats (retired & only available on the marketplace)
accessories: (AMD) B&W Pearls, (AMD) Rocker Mash Up Bracelet - Blues
rings: EY:NO - French <3

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Next up is Virginia, a more boho/country outfit with a sculpted top along with blue ultra low skinny jeans (with sculpted cuffs) and sculpted belt.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Atalise - Allure 2
hair: Truth - Marianne
shoes: Maitreya - YiXkin - Cocoa
accessories: (AMD) Wooden Butterfly, Earthstones - Wooden Bangles

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New Chica with MESH + Templates

New outfit, Chica, is the first of many to come which include mesh! Chica is a club kid inspired outfit with flared pants which come in two sizes along with an alpha layer to help out the fitting & the graffiti tube top. Please be sure to try the demo before purchasing to make sure one of the two sizes fit.

Remember, rigged mesh clothing is NOT resizable.

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Zoey - Prom Night 1
hair: Ploom - Twilla
shoes: N-core - Coquette Fuchsia
accessories: Shiny Things - Recycled Jewelry
tattoo: Garden of Ku - The Swan
Piercings: Cobrahive

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Plus a brand new clothing template along with two new wrinkle templates for your own designs! Remember, templates are only available on the marketplace and not in the main store.



I have this really bad habit of buying things with full intention that some day it'll be the prefect look for a new outfit. Usually by the time I "re-find" it in my inventory it's outfit date, but not this time! I controlled myself when I saw this adorable Nest necklace from Glow Studio and made the outfit first!

Going with the theme of the necklace, Precious, features soft subtle yet warm tones on a tri colored skirt. The top is a simple yet detailed 3/4 length sleeve top and includes the threaded sculpted belt. A great way to start off your fall fashion wardrobe!

Get the Look:
skin: (AMD) Atalise - Allure
hair: Truth - Vanessa
headband: RaMa RoWanberry - Totato
shoes: SLink - Astrid Boots
accessories: Glow Studio - Nest Necklace, Paper Couture - Moon Ring
purse: Lelutka - Boel Bag

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New skin Zoey half off for the weekend!


It's friday night and I had a craving for a new pouty kissable face... Zoey! I'm absolutely inlove with this new look and want you to be as well so I've discounted the base skin of Zoey half off... grab Zoey for just 285L in your desired skin tone.

Zoey also comes in the eccentric make up pack of Prom Night. Each pack features four unique looks with smokey eye's and glittery eyeshadow.