Royalty II @ Uber

I think the most requests I ever get are in regards to my formal wear. I kept getting requests to re-create the Royalty gown so I've taken the concept of Royalty and stepped it up a notch with Royalty II. I hope you all like it!

Get the look:
Bento Nails: Midnight Call by Ascendant - teleport there

Hair - Endless By pr!tty - teleport there
Necklace - Frida - by MINIMAL - teleport there

Hair - Slow Dancing - Exile - Teleport there
Necklace - Sana by Eliya.K - Teleport there
Mask - DIVYA  by Amias - Teleport there

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Trick or Treat!

Two in one Halloween Leather Dress now in the lucky boards. The trick? No option to purchase it. That's right, this is a group only win option 💕

Next up is the Once Upon a Nightmare hunt that includes a variety of store (including AMD obviously) and you can pick up this brand new release for just 10L

Hint: Fancy dresses line the wall, I hide with pretty things... fairest of them all

Be sure to join the group for all the hunts by copying and pasting the following in world: secondlife:///app/group/29860f6a-c9ea-319d-7d70-9a324ab5ead6/about
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Mayla @ Uber

Brand new Mayla dress features soft subtle lace & floral textures in 15 pastel colors and is now available at this round of Uber!

There is just one catch. It's for Maitreya ONLY. However, if you'd like to see this and future releases in other bodies please vote for the body you love most by filling out the 1 question google form here

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Daphne @ Access

Hi loves!

This is my first time with participating in Access. I checked it out thoroughly before joining the event and I was pretty impressed at not only the brands they've gathered but the quality put out by the brands as well. So needless to say I was so honored to join as a sponsor!

Daphne features a two piece skirt combo with a big bow to tie off the back. The fatpack allows to you mix n' match all the different color/pattern combinations.

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Harvest @ The Arcade

Brand new Harvest Decor set now available @ The Arcade!

 Tablecloth, chest blanket, and pillows all have multiple colors included through a simple click of the item. Cakes include both gold & silver stands (just click the base). I hope you guys like this set, I had so much fun making it!
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Barcelona Anklets & Toe Ring

It's the start of Uber again! You can find the new Barcelona Anklets & ToeRings in 4 color options, each including 6 diamond colors. Pick up the fatpack for the ability to mix n' match different aspects of the anklet & toe ring

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Plus a sneak peak!

Arcade is starting next week so I'd like to show you all a little sneak peak of what's to come...

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Creature Anklets, Tuli, AND Nisa!

So much news!

I kept pushing back the notice of these releases to the point where I figured I'd do one big notice.... so let's get onto the fun part...

After the Coastal Release I received so many good idea's for anklets (thank you!) I decided to group some of them in this release of the Creatures anklets @ Collabor88!

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Nisa, Available at a super awesome Mermaid Cove event that I hope you all visit! (On a side note these also pair really well with the Coastal anklets)

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Outfit set, Tuli, is inspired by a range of color/pattern combo's with the fatpack unlocking the ability to mix n' match the top, ribbon, and skirt all independently for a completely unique look! Plus, match it up with the heels sold separately

Teleport there
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